.@Twitter: A new weapon in the hands of terrorists


For the first time in history, the public was able to discover the details of a terrorist attack as it happened. This remarkable development took place last week when the Somali Al-Shabaab terrorist group attacked the Westgate Mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The public was relieved by the Tweets of the Kenyan interior minister on Monday evening, declaring that Kenyan security forces took control of the situation after four days of confrontation with terrorists, and dozens of deaths.

The next day, the world woke up to a vague tweet from Al-Shabaab, claiming that the operation was much bigger than Kenyans thought, and that many hostages died at the hands of the security forces. This was not confirmed by any other source.

Other terrorist groups have been using the Internet for many years to recruit members and spread their ideas and activities.

Al-Shabaab appeared on Twitter for…

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