Masa Israel Journey: The new beginning for the new beginners (Netanyahu’s speech LIVE)


Following countless hours of trying to retrieve my video of Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech, I finally gave up and pronounced my phone dead. May you rest in peace. Not. I can’t stand you.

Aside from that, it was quite an experience however, to stand in the hall in Jerusalem, with more than 4 out of 12 thousand MASA participants that have signed up for various programs this year. It was a somewhat nostalgic thought to remember that this was exactly the place I found myself a year ago; new to Israel, both excited and unsure about the changes.

Being part of the program as a participant and now seeing it from the perspective of a much larger picture, I must admit that the MASA initiative is more than any other country would sign up for. The way Israel is determined to bring young Jews from around the world and show them…

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Israel in Red: Humdrum of abnormality


– Rabbi, do you have a spare pepper spray I could take with me by any chance?

That was my last call before going out into the night. For more than 10 minutes I was trying to decide not what to wear (like any normal girl would), but which weapon to take with me. My only choice presented either a bag-sized umbrella or a large glass bottle, which is still waiting to be taken to the mikveh. The bottle won, in case you asked.

It took me another couple of minutes to decide which shoes did not spoil the outfit, but would also be sufficiently comfortable in case I needed to run for life and, instead of a regular handbag, I took a rucksack in order to have my hands free. No, I was not going jogging; to be truthful, I haven’t jogged in a couple of weeks because…

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30 ways in which living in Israel has ruined you for life


An increasing number of countries think that visitors and temporary residents won’t be able to cope once they leave their idyllic setting. I took on the challenge. Idyllic? Ha, certainly not. But, will living in Israel ruin you for any other country in the world?

Certainly the answer is YES.

Why so, you may ask. That’s simply because:

1. In Israel it is socially acceptable to yell at people.
It’s an absolute norm. You don’t apologise when someone yells at you, you yell back at them. This is the way to establish mutual respect and consequently have a meal together, get to know their families and remain friends for life. Israelis are more prone to yell, because they are very honest and aren’t as passive-aggressive as people in the Western culture are.

12. Israel has the lowest prices for fresh produce in the world among developed countries.
Fruit and vegetables…

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Announcing a new column on District Lit

and yadda yadda, an aliyah blog

I’m giddy with excitement to let you know my first feature column went up on District Lit yesterday. “My Time, Your Place” is an ongoing exploration of the boundaries between reality and dream, time and timelessness, place and wandering. (The title is borrowed in part from the Yehuda Amichai poem, “In My Time, In Your Place.”)

I hope you check it out from time to time, and share with your friends if the writing moves you to do so.

As a tribute to Amichai, whose poetry inspires me in so many ways, here is the poem the title references.

In my time in your place

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