Reviewing BBC compliance with PLO media guidance

BBC Watch

Early in November the PLO’s ‘Negotiations Affairs Department’ – headed by frequent BBC contributor Saeb Erekat – issued a guidance document to members of the international media titled “Key Points to Remember when Reporting on Occupied Palestine“.  

Analysis of the document’s content falls outside our remit but has already been carried out by Dr Eran Lerman at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.  In this post we will take a look at the degree of BBC compliance with some of the PLO messaging laid out in that ten-point media guidance.

The PLO’s first point is titled “Israel occupies the State of Palestine” and journalists are told that “Israel is the occupying power and Palestine a nation under foreign occupation”.

Whilst the BBC stops short of describing the geographical areas controlled by different Palestinian factions as a state, it does describe them as ‘occupied’ – including the Gaza…

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Justin Trudeau: You’re paying his childcare

Baked Canadians

It wasn’t shocking and it wasn’t unexpected.  Yesterday it was revealed that Justin Trudeau has hired not one but two nannies to care for his three children.  What was shocking and what was unexpected was that the man that said the rich don’t need government tax credits for childcare or other such handouts was instead merrily charging the costs of the two nannies to the Canadian taxpayer.

That’s right folks.  Hundreds of thousands of poor Canadians with children have to pay for their childcare.  Justin Trudeau, a millionaire and Prime Minister of Canada, with a wife gets the taxpayer not to subsidize his childcare but to pay for it outright.

Now don’t think I’ve become an advocate for the poor to have free or subsidized childcare either.  I am not.  Today men and women choose to have children and women actually have more of the choice.  Yup there are tons…

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