GENEVA — An U.N. human rights expert says it would be a “major blow against media pluralism” if Qatar shutters the Al-Jazeera network as demanded by other Arab states. David Kaye says any such move by Qatar in exchange for a lifting of sanctions imposed by its neighbours would further dent media freedoms in a…

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GAZA, Palestinian Territory — Hamas says bulldozers in Gaza are creating a 100-meter-wide (330-foot) buffer zone along the Egyptian border as part of the Islamic militant group’s efforts to combat extremists and improve ties with Cairo. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said Wednesday the creation of a 12-kilometre-long (7.5-mile) corridor was agreed upon in recent face-to-face…

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Most businesses start with an ambition and a mission, which usually means making money, or, at the least, making a good living. But a new Vancouver-area health chain also has another mission – to use exercise as a medical treatment, especially for seniors. Live Well Exercise Clinic is a combination of founder Sara Hodson’s passion,…

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Also: The Fête nationale committee slept on it and decided that parade float may have been problematic after all and Canadians can’t even agree on hockey or ketchup chips. The Fête nationale committee in Montreal has given the matter a bit more thought and apologized for Saturday’s seemingly racist parade float. To recap: video of a…

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The Guardian’s failure to challenge Ismail Patel’s claim that the government was “acting on hearsay from a pro-Israeli lobby group” is classic Guardian: failing to reveal the well-documented evidence demonstrating that individuals and groups they cover – who claim to be merely ‘pro-Palestinian’ – are compromised by extremism, support for terror and antisemitism.

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Parshas Korach: Division and Rebellion

Jewish Thoughts

In this week’s Sedra Korach starts a rebellion against Moshe Rabbenu, and, joined by over 250 others, insists that the priesthood belongs not only to Aharon but to them, also, stating that ‘the entire community is Holy’. Moshe Rabbenu is horrified by this display of division, and challenges them to offer ketoret (incense) to G-d, along with Aharon, saying that G-d will accept the incense from the one he has chosen. Aharon’s ketoret stops the plague which has engulfed the Israelites, as a result of their disobedience, and yet he is required to prove his status once again, and does so through the blossoming of his staff. The Parsha concludes with G-d commanding the terumah offering and the giving of gifts to the kohanim.

Korach was attempting to start a revolution. In his eyes, and the eyes of his followers, he was a revolutionary; a freedom fighter. On Tuesday, we…

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Child Summer safety

Montreal Anash Info

This message was posted to our email list last year and is just as relevant this summer as well. MAI thanks our member who brought this matter to everyone’s attention. All backyard swimming pools must be emptied completelyeverytime that they are notbeingused. Even if your backyard is fenced in, the swimming pools must be emptied. It takes only one inch of water for a child to drown. It takes only 15 seconds for a child to drown. Children must be supervised at all times while using a backyard pool. From my window I now see 2 pools with water in them – in fenced-in backyards. Drownings are on the rise in Quebec. There were 2 just last week-end – 1 in a backyard pool with a fence. Our community has had its share of drownings r”l. halacha mandates min hatorah that one construct a fence around  a pool. Yet, a child in…

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BBC WS culture show gives the latest mainstreaming platform to BDS

BBC Watch

Nearly half of the June 19th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme ‘The Cultural Frontline’ was devoted to the topic of Lebanon’s boycott of the film ‘Wonder Woman’.

“Why has the new Wonder Woman superhero movie been banned from cinemas in Lebanon? We hear about the campaign to boycott the film starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot and speak to political analyst Halim Shebaya in Beirut and Hollywood screenwriter Kamran Pasha in LA, on their arguments for and against the boycott and the ban.”

Presenter Tina Daheley began by telling listeners that:

“The new ‘Wonder Woman’ movie is a global box-office hit but why was it banned in Lebanon?”

Listeners then heard an unidentified voice say:

“It is a non-violent, peaceful way to draw attention to a very important issue.”

The item itself (from 01:18 here) began with Daheley promoting the usual – but inaccurate – BBC mantra…

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