Single-screen theatre with 80-year history in Halifax closing its doors — National Post

HALIFAX — A movie theatre that has been a Halifax fixture for 80 years is closing its doors. Cineplex has announced that the Oxford on Quinpool Road will shut down on Sept. 13 after being sold to a local business — Nanco Group — owned by the Nahas family. The entertainment company says the decision…

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Experiencing Israel: Non-Jewish Poles in the Holy Land


I kept asking myself about what draws Poles to Israel. I do not mean, of course, pilgrimages to the Holy Land, but rather young people choosing to take time off their lives and move to Israel for a specific time period in order to immerse themselves in culture and meet the community.

With 66 thousand Poles visiting annually (The Central Bureau of Statistics, 2015) thanks to more affordable plane tickets and generally bigger exposure to Jewish/Israeli culture through all sorts of music and culture festivals all across Poland, it is hardly surprising that we are seeing a surge in visitors. Out of 271.1 thousand tourists from all countries in the world (Trading Economics, Israel Tourist Arrivals, 2017), 66 thousand seems to be quite a number.

Initially, I thought that everyone who felt compelled to live in Israel, were either Jewish or at least one of their grandparents…

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I Want An Old-Fashioned Kind Of Love — Thought Catalog

Courtney ClaytonI want an old fashioned kind of love. And I don’t mean I want to be courted, or to have every door opened for me, or to have someone pay for my every bill because I can do that perfectly on my own. I don’t need the politeness or the handwritten letters. I don’t…

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This Is How To Treat A Girl Who Is Used To Disappointment — Thought Catalog

Unsplash / Courtney ClaytonTreat her with fragile hands. Understand that it is going to take her a while to fully let you into her world. At first, she is going to be wary about handing her heart to someone new. She is going to hesitate to spend time with you, to tell you her secrets,…

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H.R. McMaster Endorsed Book That Advocates Quran-Kissing Apology Ceremonies —

McMaster revealed his own views on terrorism, claiming that “terrorist organizations use a narrow and irreligious ideology to recruit undereducated and disenfranchised people to their cause.”

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Gut Shabbes! (Shoftim)

Jewish Thoughts

This Shabbes, Shabbes Parshas Shoftim, is the first in the month of Elul. Elul directly precedes Rosh Hashanah, the New Year and the commemoration of man’s creation. Elul is supposed to be a time of spiritual stock taking: a month in which we examine our lives, our motives, our relationships, and work out how we could do better.

Making changes is never easy, but sometimes it isn’t necessary to leave our comfort zones in order to better serve G-d, to help each other, and to help ourselves, even. This Shabbes, while we have time away from the constraints of the working week, perhaps we should all pledge to take some time for spiritual stocktaking: time when we examine ourselves, and decide how we will make the next year our best yet.

In London, Shabbes candles should be lit at 7:44 PM, and Shabbes ends at 8:53 PM tomorrow. When lighting…

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Economist provides no evidence to support charge against Israel PM over Charlottesville

An article in the Aug. 26th print edition of The Economist was critical of the Israeli prime minister’s delay in condemning antisemitism and racism at last week’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

Headline of Economist article

Here’s the beginning of their critique:

Only after Mr Trump’s carefully scripted denunciation of “the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups” did Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, issue a tweet saying, “Outraged by expressions of anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism and racism.” 

The article then criticises Netanyahu’s response for failing to name the groups responsible for the hate.

 Mr Netanyahu made no reference to where these expressions were made, nor to who was making them. He did not react to Mr Trump’s later comments, which pinned blame for the violence on both the neo-Nazis and the people who turned out to oppose them.

Whilst the article does acknowledge that Netanyahu’s putatively muted and delayed response to Charlottesville…

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Are BBC audiences getting the full picture on Syria’s chemical weapons?

BBC Watch

The BBC’s main backgrounder on the topic of the civil war in Syria – “Syria: The story of the conflict“– includes a brief portrayal of the issue of chemical weapons that makes no mention of the attack in Khan Sheikhoun in April of this year.

Another backgrounder – “Why is there a war in Syria?“, 7 April 2017 – makes just one brief reference to the topic of chemical weapons:

“The US has conducted air strikes on IS in Syria since September 2014, and, in the first intentional attack on Syria itself, hit an air base which it said was behind a deadly chemical attack, in April 2017.”

With the deal that mandated the destruction of the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons arsenal being enshrined in a UN Security Council resolution that was described at the time by the former US Secretary of State John Kerry…

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Peter Mansbridge coming to Montreal — Montreal Gazette

Former CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge will be coming to Montreal in October. The Peter Mansbridge: Live Coast to Coast tour will stop at Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts on Oct. 30. Mansbridge will talk about some of the stories, people and events he has covered. Tickets range from $55.25 to $112.25 and can…

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Assad calls on West to “cut their relations with terrorism” — Behold Israel

Syrian president gives televised address, announces no security cooperation for Western countries that support “terrorism”; Criticizes Turkey and Israel Syrian President Basher Assad gave a televised address Sunday, speaking to journalists and diplomats, announcing that cooperation with the West would not occur until it ended its support of “terrorism”, referring to support of rebel […]

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Netanyahu to meet with Putin in Sochi Wednesday, talks to center on Syria and Iran — Behold Israel

Following security delegation meetings centered on Syria and Iran in Washington, PM to meet with Putin to discuss “latest developments in region” as part of military coordination in Syria between Israel and Russia Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, their meeting to center on Iran and Syria. Netanyahu […]

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Larry King: When the survivors of Dieppe became its liberators — National Post

The name Dieppe is seared into Canada’s national memory. It was 75 years ago today, on Aug. 19, 1942, that 6,000 soldiers—5,000 of them Canadian—attempted the first Allied landing against Hitler’s so-called “Fortress Europe,” the stretch of anti-tank walls, concrete shelters, anti-aerial guns, land mines, barbed wires, and machine-gun nests that extended along the shores of…

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Gut Shabbes! (Re’eh) — Jewish Thoughts

In the summer months leading up to Rosh Hashanah, we study a text named Pirkei Avos- the Ethics of the Fathers. The text, although short, is rich with knowledge, and it was this time last year that I began reading it on Shabbes. This Shabbes is Shabbes Mevorchim- the Shabbes directly before Elul begins, and […]

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Religious neutrality law will apply throughout Quebec, Couillard says — Montreal Gazette

The law on the religious neutrality of the state will apply in Montreal and in all municipalities of Quebec, even if it displeases Mayor Denis Coderre. Premier Philippe Couillard made the statement Friday at a briefing in Montreal. Earlier this week, the mayor of Montreal argued it was not up to the Quebec government to…

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