Pearls of Rashi – Pesach

The Rebbe Teaches Rashi

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According to the calendar, this coming Shabbos we should read the Torah portionShemini(Nissan 17April 11). Nevertheless, since we will then be celebrating Chol Hamoed Pesach, the regular Torah reading is suspended. In its place we read from the Torah about Pesach. We will resume the regular order of reading the Torah the following week, Nissan 24 – April 18.We will then read Parshas Shemini.

Regarding Pesach, the Torah tells us that we must tell our children of the miracles which Hashem performed for us while freeing us from Egypt. It says that“… when your son asks you tomorrow (using the Hebrew word מָחָר– Mochor’), saying ‘What is this?’ you will say to him, ‘With a mighty hand did the Lord take us out of…

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