Kuntres Shavuos 5751: “Above” is Created From Below

Dvar Malchus 770

As explained in Chassidus, Sefiras Ha’Omer precedes Matan Torah because we must refine the 49 aspects of our Nefesh Behamis (animal soul) before we can receive the Torah. But the Torah itself was given to us to refine our animal soul (as Moshe argued to the Malochim who wanted Torah kept in the Heavens that Mitzvos like “Do Not Steal” only apply to one who has to combat an evil inclination). This raises the question: is refining the animal soul for the sake of receiving the Torah, or is receiving the Torah for the sake of refining the animal soul?!

To answer this, the Rebbe points out the language pertaining to Sefiras ha’Omer: to count seven complete weeks (שבע שבתות תמימות). The Midrash asks when are the weeks “complete” תמימות? “When Yisroel are doing the will of the Omnipresent.”  This “doing the will of…” is accomplished through the love of…

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Kuntres Lag B’Omer: Open My Eyes

Dvar Malchus 770

This discourse starts with the words of Tehillim “Open my eyes and I shall gaze at [hidden] wonders from Your Torah” (“גל עיני ואביטה נפלאות מתורתך”).  This should immediately grab our attention, since the Rebbe called this year “I will show wonders” (“אראנו נפלאות”) and over the year would proceed to explain that all we need to do is “open our eyes”.  In this discourse the Rebbe explains to us what this means.

The verse mentioned above has a connection with Lag B’Omer (when the maamor was originally said, and when, 14 years later, it was published in 5751).  Because the word גל (“Gal” — Open [my eyes]”) contains the same letters as “Lag” B’Omer ל”ג בעומר.

Lag B’Omer is not only the day that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai appeared (to fleshly eyes) to pass away, but it was the day of “the main revelation” of the inner dimension of…

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Russian hospital to stop using certain ventilators until fire investigation completed – TASS


May 12, 2020
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MOSCOW — A hospital in St. Petersburg will stop using the Aventa-M model of lung ventilators until the investigation into a fire that killed five coronavirus patients there is complete, the TASS news agency reported on Tuesday.

Russian authorities said they would look into the safety of artificial lung ventilators used to treat patients suffering from the coronavirus after a second hospital fire in less than a week. (Reporting by Maxim Rodionov; Writing by Alexander Marrow; Editing by Alison Williams)