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Earlier this week I posted about an Israel Apartheid Week meeting at Middlesex University in London in which not only did Ken O’Keefe compare Jews to Nazis, but (h/t Richard Millett) Baroness Jenny Tonge, aka Jihad Jenny Tonge, who as a British MP ought to know and behave better, said the following:

…to beware of the Israel lobby because “once they have decided to go for you, they will go for you. I bear the scars” (clip 5). She finished by saying that “Israel is not going to be there forever” and warned that eventually Israel “will lose its support and then they will reap what they have sown.” (Clip 3)

Who are “they” and what does she imply will happen to them?

Richard Millett has posted the video clips of Jihad Jenny’s outbursts, one which I repost here. Go to Richard Millett’s blog to see the rest, if…

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b”h yasher co’ach 🙂

CNN Belief Blog

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) — With a shot at high school state championship glory on the line, a Jewish basketball team in Texas is opting for the sidelines, aiming for something a little higher.

The Robert M. Beren Academy in Houston will forfeit its semifinal playoff spot in the Class 2A basketball championships this weekend because the game falls on a Friday night, the start of the Jewish Sabbath.

The private Orthodox Jewish school observes the weekly Jewish day of rest, called Shabbat, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

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National Post | Full Comment

By Bernie M. Farber

Faith traditions have been vehicles for much that is good in society. But we cannot turn our backs on the strife and sadness it has engendered. Faith has always been a teeter-totter of good and bad influences.

Here in North America, the latest example is absurd and ghoulish. According to the theology of Mormonism, known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), ultimate salvation and entry into the universe beyond requires baptism. Unlike in mainstream Christian practise, baptisms in LDS can be granted to the dead.

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The Chart

People with diets short on omega-3 fatty acids – the kind found in fish oil – were more likely to experience accelerated brain aging, a new study found.

“People with lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids had lower brain volumes that were equivalent to about two years of brain aging,” said Dr. Zaldy S. Tan, a member of the UCLA Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research in the Department of Neurology.

The study was published Tuesday in the print edition of the journal Neurology.

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CNN Belief Blog

By Paul Courson, CNN

Washington (CNN)– After a weekend that saw continued deadly violence in Afghanistan triggered by what the U.S. says was the inadvertent burning of Qurans, an American Muslim group says outreach here is unlikely to help over there.

On Friday, a ranking Pentagon official visited a prominent mosque in the outside Washington and apologized for last week’s incident, which involved copies of the Quran and other religious tracts that had been
kept at a U.S. detention facility in Bagram.

“On behalf of Secretary Panetta, and the Department of Defense, I offer my sincere regret for the incident at Bagram Air Base,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Lavoy.

But an Islamic activist group Monday suggested that the U.S. is preaching to the wrong choir if officials hope they can reach those in Afghanistan who have been perpetrating the violence.

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National Post | Full Comment

In a column in the Ottawa Citizen I examined the shadowy and overlooked forces at work behind the latest bloodcurdling eruptions of what we’re all expected to believe are the offended religious sensibilities of those inscrutable Afghans. I relied mainly on some key observations the legendary Afghan spy chief Amrullah Saleh shared with me during a telephone conversation in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The script that’s playing out in the latest riots in Afghanistan is an almost play-by-play reenactment of last April’s berserking, which everyone was also expected to apprehend as eruptions of religious outrage, but which was also no such thing. For an elaboration of what was really going on last April, you can look it up in an essay I wrote for Dissent while the ashes in Mazar were still smouldering.

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National Post | News

Louise Levy attends regular Tai-chi classes, retired three years ago from her secretarial job and says she would still be driving today if her car had not “conked out before I did.” None of which would be particularly unusual, except Mrs. Levy is 101 years old.

“My mind is still clear and I don’t have a memory problem,” says the resident of Rye, N.Y., about the latest chapter in a life that began when movies were silent and the Model-T Ford cutting edge. “It’s been absolutely marvelous.”

Mrs. Levy’s long and generally healthy life is the focus of a fascinating scientific study, itself at the forefront of a little-noticed but radical approach to medical research. Turning upside down the traditional quest to understand and cure specific diseases, some researchers are examining instead healthy and long-lived humans and animals for their biological secrets.


By reverse engineering the source of that…

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