Attacks on Holocaust survivors and pogroms in post-war Poland – a lecture by Dr. Edyta Gawron of Jagiellonian University

Holocaust Studies in Haifa

Dr. Edyta Gawron from Jagiellonian University in Krakow is visiting the Weiss-Livnat International MA in Holocaust Studies this week, offering one-on-one time with students who are particularly interested in her research, as well as giving two lectures to our students. She is an assistant professor at the Department of Jewish Studies as well as the Head of the new Centre for the Study of the History and Culture of Krakow Jews.

IMG_3496 Dr. Edyta Gawron

In her first lecture, Dr. Gawron discussed the difficulties Jews faced in reacclimating in post-war Poland.  Her second lecture was given during Dr. Lea David’s class, “Human Rights, Holocaust, Genocide: The Politics of Remembrance.” In this lecture she shared insights regarding post-war Poland. The thought in Poland remained, even after the war, that Jews had caused WWII, or at the very least the invasion of Poland. Nazi anti-Semitism was well known, and because Jews were…

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Six O’Clock Solution: A taste of Rome

If you don’t know how to cook Italian, you could start with Tasting Rome, a new cookbook that provides a short cooking course along with a soup-to-dessert collection of tempting, well-written recipes from the ancient city. Author Katie Parla and photographer Kristina Gill are American journalists who have lived and worked in Italy for decades.…

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BDH”E Watch live: President Trump speaks at Holocaust commemoration ceremony

President Donald Trump will speak Tuesday at an annual ceremony commemorating the Holocaust — continuing a tradition of presidents giving the keynote address after a number of rhetorical missteps by his Administration regarding the genocide. The ceremony is held each year by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum during the Days of Remembrance — the annual…

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