The Obama Administration Weaponized the Jerusalem Consulate — FirstOneThrough

When people look back in history to January 2015, they immediately think about the massacres committed by Muslim fanatics in Paris, France at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices and at a kosher supermarket nearby. Muslim extremists wanted to kill the writers at the magazine because they lampooned the Islamic prophet, and at the kosher store […]

The Obama Administration Weaponized the Jerusalem Consulate — FirstOneThrough

Why Everyone Is So Rude Right Now — TIME

September 2021 was a bad month for manners. On the 21st, a woman pulled a gun on servers at a Philadelphia fast food restaurant when they asked her to order online. On the 16th, several women from Texas pummeled a hostess at a New York City family-style restaurant. A few days prior to that a…

Why Everyone Is So Rude Right Now — TIME

Re-destricting Will Bring More Anti-Israel Members of Congress — FirstOneThrough

The spectacle of Congress voting to replenish the Iron Dome funding was heart-breaking. Voting to replenish the interceptor missiles that saved hundreds – if not thousands – of civilians in Israel was a no-brainer, but nine members of Congress thought that any support of Israel was too much. Democratic leadership noted that their eight anti-Israel […]

Re-destricting Will Bring More Anti-Israel Members of Congress — FirstOneThrough

Jewish Prayer Should Be Permitted on the Temple Mount — MEDAD’S WORDS

Originally published in The MediaLine In the wake of a Magistrate’s court ruling in Jerusalem this past week, the news from Islamic sources appears ominous and quite threatening. Turkey has condemned it, “strongly”. The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that it will “further encourage fanatic circles” and “cause new tensions”. The Egyptian foreign ministry denounced it […]

Jewish Prayer Should Be Permitted on the Temple Mount — MEDAD’S WORDS

Irma Grese- Evil knows no gender. — History of Sorts

Men don’t have the monopoly on doing evil acts, throughout history there have been many women who acted in barbaric ways. Often their acts would be more evil then that of their male counterparts as was the case with  Irma Grese, the proof that evil is not bound to gender but personality. Irma Ida Ilse […]

Irma Grese- Evil knows no gender. — History of Sorts

‘Poets of Babel’ in Jerusalem!

Poets in Jerusalem? Yes, poets in Jerusalem! How (and I do mean HOW) cool is this? Through WordPress, I have come across a fellow poet in Jerusalem! Her name is Shoshana Sarah; and (even better!) she organizes multilingual poetry readings in Jerusalem. Her poetry group is called ‘Poets of Babel’, and it meets several times […]

‘Poets of Babel’ in Jerusalem!

13) Kuntres Rosh Hashono, 5752

Dvar Malchus 770

Released a few days in advance of Rosh Hashono, the discourse begins with the verse from the prophet Yeshaya: “On that day a great shofar will be sounded, and the ones who are lost in the land of Ashur and the ones who are pushed away in the land of Mitzrayim, will come and prostrate themselves to Hashem on the Holy Mountain in Yerushalayim.”

The Rebbe asks a few questions on this verse: What is special about a “great shofar”? Why does it say that the shofar “will be sounded” without specifying who will be sounding it — it seems as though it will be sounded on its own?

The shofar here is explained in spiritual terms: the cry of the innermost point in the heart which is above intellect. This cry draws down the corresponding level from Above, meaning the Supernal Will which transcends the level of Chochma (usually…

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Paralympic gold medalist blinded in Afghanistan questions US’ ‘war on terror’ — – RSS Channel – HP Hero

A history-making US Paralympic gold medalist, who was blinded while serving with the American military in Afghanistan, says he questions whether or not the 20-year long “war on terror” was worth it.

Paralympic gold medalist blinded in Afghanistan questions US’ ‘war on terror’ — – RSS Channel – HP Hero

The moral injury of abandoning Afghan allies — – RSS Channel – HP Hero

• Tucker Carlson offered his take on why the Taliban won. See Don Lemon’s reaction • Countries are evacuating their citizens and closing embassies • Analysis: Taliban assurances raise questions

The moral injury of abandoning Afghan allies — – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Pearls of Rashi: Parshas Eikev II

The Rebbe Teaches Rashi

Click here for a printable PDF.

This week we read the Torah portion of Eikev. In this Parshah, the Torah teaches us the second paragraph of Shema, which begins,[1] “And it will be if you obey My commandments that I command you this day … and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Rashi cites the words “and to serve Him with all of your heart” and explains as follows. “This means with a service of the heart, namely prayer. We refer to prayer as service, as it says,[2] “your G-d, Whom you serve regularly.”

The Mishnah, at the beginning of Chapter Five of Berochos, says,[3] “One must not stand up to say the Amidah without deep earnestness (literally a heavy head).” Rabbi Dov Ber, the Maggid of Mezritch, explains this as follows. One may not pray for his own needs…

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15 best plant-based proteins — Tuesday’s Horse

Here is more information on getting enough protein on a vegan diet. I keep getting this from folks and it seems to be holding them up quite a bit from going vegan. Please do not let it. But remember it may seem a bit weird to start with — big changes usually do — especially […]

15 best plant-based proteins — Tuesday’s Horse

Unpacking Ben & Jerry’s Opinion Piece


Due to the pro-Israel backlash about Ben & Jerry’s announced decision to stop selling ice cream in the West Bank/area east of the Green Line (EGL), the two founders penned an opinion piece in the liberal opinion paper, The New York Times on July 29, 2021. Here is a review.

Ben & Jerry comment:We are the founders of Ben & Jerry’s. We are also proud Jews. It’s part of who we are and how we’ve identified ourselves for our whole lives. As our company began to expand internationally, Israel was one of our first overseas markets. We were then, and remain today, supporters of the State of Israel.

FirstOneThrough review: Sounds reasonable. The duo is asserting that they are proud to be both Jewish and supporters of Israel so everything that follows must be read in that light. Meaning, this is what they want readers to believe…

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