Kuntres Chof Menachem Av: How to Add the “Alef”

Dvar Malchus 770

The Rebbe mentions numerous times in these talks that everything that is necessary for the Geuloh is already here, we simply need to add the letter “alef” to the word gola (which means exile), thereby transforming it to Geuloh.  But what exactly does it mean to add an “alef” to the exile that we are in?

There are many levels to answering this question, the most basic of which is that it means revealing Hashem (the ruler of the world, “alufo shel olam“) in the world through Torah and Mitzvos.  Additionally, it means recognizing Hashem’s Divine Providence that is behind everything, even those things which appear to us as the opposite of good.

We find an even deeper and more comprehensive explanation in the Chassidic Discourse that was edited by the Rebbe and published in 1991 in honor of the Hillula (anniversary of the passing) of the Rebbe’s father, Levi Yitzchak…

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Shabbos Nachamu, 5751: Why Golus is So Long

Dvar Malchus 770

The name of this first Shabbos after the fast of Tisha b’Av is called “Shabbos Nachamu”, named after the haftora in which we read the words “Nachamu, nachamu ami” (“nachmu” meaning “be comforted”).  It is the comforting that follows the  mourning period over the destruction of the first and second Beis Hamikdash.  The true comfort,  says the Rebbe, is the rebuilding of the Third, eternal, Beis Hamikdash.

The reason the haftora says “nachamu” twice is to emphasize that this comforting, meaning the Geulah, is coming in two directions: from Above to below and from below to Above, each of which corresponds to the destruction of one of the Beis HaMikdash.  The first Beis Hamikdash was characterized by great, miraculous revelations from Above, but it was not eternal because these great revelations were not internalized in the world; the second Beis Hamikdash showed the emphasis on the effort from below…

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5 Delicious Vegetarian Whole Foods Breakfasts for More Energy in the Morning — My Best Life Secrets

Most breakfasts on the market actively sabotage our health while leaving us sluggish, hungry or with digestive issues. It doesn’t have to be this way. Give yourself energy, clarity, and a body functioning at its peak with these 5 delicious whole foods breakfast that incidentally happen to be vegetarian too. Your body will thank you. […]

5 Delicious Vegetarian Whole Foods Breakfasts for More Energy in the Morning — My Best Life Secrets

We are NIH — NIH Director’s Blog

The NIH has a brand-new welcome video, aptly titled “We are NIH.” The video is now available to greet our guests on campus and inform visitors on our website about NIH and its lifesaving mission. I think the video really captures the spirit of NIH by showcasing just a few of the many incredible people who work and volunteer here every day to help turn discovery into health. I even got to offer my own welcome at 5 minutes and 40  seconds into the video and share my thoughts about the impact of NIH-funded research. Take a look. We are NIH!

The Noahide Code






The Noahide code is the original faith and law for mankind.

Though it was first given to Adam and Eve it is called after Noah on account of God reestablishing his covenant with him (Genesis 9:8-10).

Later It was recorded by the Prophet Moshe

In Exodus. 24:3, it says “Moshe came and told the people all the words of God and all the laws…”  here “all the laws” refers to the Seven Noahide Commandments and a few of the Jewish Commandments, all of which the Israelites had already been commanded before they arrived at Mt. Sinai.

Additionally, it says (Ibid. 24:4) “Moshe wrote all the words of God” means that at that time he wrote down the Book of Genesis (where the verses which inform us the Noahide Commandments are found) (and the Book of Exodus up to that point).

Here at the Noahide Research Institute we are ready to help guide you in Noahide practice.


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Iran’s stock of enriched uranium exceeds nuclear deal’s limit, IAEA says


July 1, 2019
9:27 AM EDT

Last Updated
July 1, 2019
9:27 AM EDT Filed under

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VIENNA — Iran has followed through on its threat to breach a central limit of its nuclear deal with major powers, accumulating more enriched uranium than allowed under the accord, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed on Monday.

“We can confirm that IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano has informed the Board of Governors that the Agency verified on 1 July that Iran’s total enriched uranium stockpile exceeded (the deal’s limit),” an IAEA spokesman said in a statement.

An IAEA report sent to member states and obtained by Reuters put Iran’s stock at 205 kg, above the deal’s limit of 202.8 kg. (Reporting by Francois Murphy)Related Stories:REFILE-UPDATE 5-Iran says it has breached 2015 nuclear deal’s stockpile limitFACTBOX-The atomic restrictions imposed by the Iran nuclear dealIran’s enriched uranium stockpile has passed 300 kilogram limit- Fars news