The BBC’s selective portrayal of ‘Palestinian reactions’ to UNSC vote — UK Media Watch

This is a cross post from BBC Watch As was noted here in an earlier post, while BBC coverage of the UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2334 included reactions from “the Palestinian leadership”, none of the numerous reports informed audiences of the fact that the resolution was quickly hailed by the terror organisations Hamas and the Palestinian […]

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A review of BBC News website coverage of UNSC resolution 2334

BBC Watch

Events at the UN Security Council received generous coverage on the BBC News website on December 23rd and 24th. BBC audiences found articles relating to Egypt’s withdrawal of its draft resolution and reports concerning the subsequent tabling of  the resolution by New Zealand, Senegal, Venezuela and Malaysia which was approved by the UNSC on December 23rd.

December 23rd:un-sc-2334

1) Egypt delays UN motion on Israel as Trump intervenes

2) Israel blasts US over UN vote on settlements

3) UN Security Council votes against Israeli settlements Barbara Plett Usher (also appeared on BBC television channels and embedded in written reports)

4) Israeli settlements: UN Security Council calls for an end (date stamp changed

December 24th:

5) Israel settlements: Netanyahu rejects ‘shameful’ UN vote

6) Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review

The narrative promoted in those reports was uniform and…

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A traitor in our Knesset

Anne's Opinions

I use the word “traitors” very carefully because of the terrible implications and potential consequences. As I wrote in a similar post back in 2012:

One has to be very careful about accusing others of dual loyalty since that is a favourite demonizing tool used by anti-Semites against the Jews in other countries, but it is very hard to avoid such an accusation against some of the Arab MKs who sit in our Knesset and apparently consort with Israel’s most sworn and murderous enemies, the Hamas terrorist group.

Again, I want to stress that I do not use this word for people who have different political opinions to me, even those, like the Left, whose politics I consider dangerous for our country. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m sure there are those who consider my own opinions as dangerous.

But I do use this term for people…

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It’s not the plane, it’s the man in the cockpit: Brig.Gen.(res.) Ran Pecker-Ronen

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

Legendary pilot Brig. Gen.(res.) Ran Pecker-Ronen passed away today. He was 80 years old.

Considered to be one of the best commanders in the IAF, an ACE pilot, he flew over 350 combat missions in his 27 years of service.

The IAF is one of the best air forces in the world. Daring missions and ingenious dog-fights have inspired awe in pilots worldwide. The IAF has earned this reputation due to legendary pilots like Brig. Gen.(res.) Ran Pecker-Ronen.

May our current and next generations live up to their standards.

This documentary covers some of the history-making missions of the IAF. You can get a feel for the kind of people our pilots are: unique individuals, wildly independent and stunningly bold. This of course comes in addition to physical perfection, with precision reactions and razor sharp wits.

Brig. Gen.(res.) Ran Pecker-Ronen appears at: 13:00. May his memory be a blessing and an…

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What do you do when someone sets your neighborhood on fire?

Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

One week after my city was set on fire, I’m having a hard time writing about what happened. It’s different when something traumatic happens to you.

I don’t even have a full picture of the day in my head. It’s like scenes in a play, disjointed blips and in between, blank.

Last week, before the fire:

“I have to water the garden. Everything is dry as bone. The plants will die.”

My house is surrounded by greenery that makes the area seem tranquil, although we are actually just a few steps away from one of the main centers of Haifa.

In the beginning of last week, looking at the garden I saw thirsty plants, pitifully shriveled from the too dry weather.

On Thursday I saw a death trap.

Suspicion (Wednesday):

Fires in Zichron Ya’acov, a small town, 30 minutes down the road.

Suspicions of terrorist acts of arson were in…

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The Forever War

The Undefended Border

barack-obama-isis-speech-1 The President goes to war

Today, thirteen years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, America is once again girding for war. “Once again” might not be quite the right phrase to use, since it suggests that we are on the cusp of a transition from a state of peace to a state of war, yet this country has not been at peace for more than a decade.

From the perspective of this day in 2014, President George W. Bush’s speech from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California on 1 May 2003 seems like a sick joke. For those too forgetful, or too young (like many of my students) to remember, the president strode heroically across the carrier’s flight deck from a Lockheed Viking ASW bomber, clad in a Navy flight suit, with his aviator’s helmet under his arm…

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