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Why can’t Moon Khan simply say, “yes, there are radical Muslims in America and they are a problem”? via DuPage Muslims invite Walsh for ‘enlightenment’ –

A Lombard Republican who became the first Muslim elected to a partisan office in DuPage County is hoping to “enlighten” Congressman Joe Walsh after his “radical Islam” comments.

Moon Khan said that he and other area Muslims plan to meet Friday night with Walsh “to showcase the diversity of the Muslims that the congressman is certainly unfamiliar with.”

Walsh, who says he plans to attend the meeting at Khan’s home, wants to hear from anyone who has questions or concerns about the remarks he made earlier this month.

“I want to explain what my thoughts are,” the McHenry Republican said. “We may get to the point where we agree to disagree. But at least talking about it is helpful.”

The controversy started…

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Young activist’s blue campaign is all wet

Thirteen-year-old Robyn Hamlyn was in Meaford, Ont., last week, explaining water policy to a rapt city council. Inspired by the Maude Barlow documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars, Hamlyn has spent the last year travelling around Ontario lobbying city councils to become blue. “Help me save our water. I can’t do it without you,” Hamlyn has pleaded to various mayors and councils. So far, she has won the support of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and four other Ontario municipalities, and doesn’t plan to stop until every community in the province is blue.

Blue Communities, conceived by the Council of Canadians (COC) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) along with activist Barlow, aims to protect Canada’s fresh water. To become a blue community, a municipality must ban the sale of plastic water bottles from public facilities and municipal events, must have a…

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Western companies that do business in Israel must weigh the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran

You’re the CEO of IBM or Intel or Siemens or Nestlé or any one of the 500 other Western companies that have opened up operations in Israel, home to the developed world’s fastest-growing economy.

What do you do should Iran get the bomb? Do you continue to invest in Israel, on the hope that Iran doesn’t make good on its promise to wipe it off the map? And even if, from the safety of your head office in Europe or North America, you do decide that Israel’s business environment justifies the risk of continued investments, would your top executives agree to stay in or relocate to Israel, knowing that they would be putting their families at risk of perishing in the same mushroom cloud that could snuff out the tiny country?

This calculation is today…

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The Happy App Virus
by Bonnie Wurst ©2012


            The malicious Human Happy App Virus (HAHAV1) has been spreading around the world at unprecedented rates. A spokesperson for WHOO?, the World Health Organized Organization, appealed for calm amid the growing pandemic…

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