6 thoughts on “About Me….

  1. bh

    1984 lost my father z”l a holocaust survivor too young.

    began chozer be teshuva in shul saying kaddish etc

    1985 mechon meir 9 months yeshiva

    1987-1990 tiferes bachurim morristown yeshiva and monthly visits to 770 shabbos mevorchim and holidays

    and the rest is history. 🙂

    i am very hesitant to use the term ba’al teshuva.

    i havent mastered anything yet, just in the trenches trying to do a mitzva after a mitzva:)

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  2. Meir,

    Thanks for following me! I’ve followed you on Facebook, where I post my articles.

    B”H, I was recently published by Chabad.org and would like to hear of your involvement with them.


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