The left hates her and Netanyahu won’t shake her hand: Meet Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s new justice minister

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A year ago, Ayelet Shaked was an obscure Israeli politician. Known to Israelis, if at all, for being a secular Jew and a working mother whose membership in the Jewish Home Party — a deeply religious ring-wing outfit boasting firebrand pro-settler beliefs — seemed an odd fit.

But then one day last June Shaked signed into her Facebook account and began to write in Hebrew, posting a 631-word excerpt from a previously unpublished article by Uri Elitzur, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Behind every terrorist stands dozens of men and women,” the post read.

“Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons — nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes.

“Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

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Jason Kenney pledges independent agency to handle sexual misconduct in military after scathing report

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OTTAWA — Defence Minister Jason Kenney has promised the creation of an independent body to deal with sexual misconduct in the military in the wake of doubt over the commitment of  senior brass to deal with the problem.

Kenney made the pledge Wednesday in the House of Commons, nearly two weeks after a retired Supreme Court judge said an independent centre was “essential” for eliminating what she had identified as a “hostile” sexual environment in the Canadian Forces.

Senior military leaders had wavered on the idea of an independent centre. In March, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson appointed the Canadian Forces’ top female officer, Maj.-Gen. Christine Whitecross, to study how the Australian, French and U.S. militaries handled sexual misconduct in their ranks.

Earlier this month, Lawson called the idea of an independent centre “unique” and “complex,” and suggested it was something “anyone within the chain of command would at first…

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Did SNL steal a sketch about the Prophet Muhammad from This Hour Has 22 Minutes?

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This weekend, Saturday Night Live did a send up of the Pictionary TV gameshow in which a contestant was asked to draw The Prophet Muhammad. The sketch raised some eyebrows, with The Independent openly wondering if it was ‘blasphemous’ or ‘hilarious.’

But perhaps more importantly, is it plagiarism?

As several Can-Com enthusiasts noted online, the sketch is nearly identical to one done earlier this year by CBC sketch-comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes: from the challenge, to the amount of money to be won (a million dollars) and even the way in which the partner of the reluctant contestant guesses the right answer.

Watch the two sketches below and judge for yourself:

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, “Win, Lose or Draw Muhammad”:

Saturday Night Live, “Picture Perfect”:

Neither SNL nor 22 Minutes have commented on the matter publicly, but  Comedian Shaun Majunder, who played the host on the 22…

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Islamic State Supporters claims mortar attack on Hamas in Gaza

Meir Weiss:


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Illustrative photo of men holding up an Islamic State flag on July 18, 2014. (AFP/Tauseef Mustafa)
Illustrative photo of men holding up an Islamic State flag on July 18, 2014. (AFP/Tauseef Mustafa)

GAZA CITY – A jihadist group that recently emerged in the Gaza Strip claimed Friday a mortar attack on a base belonging to the Islamist Hamas movement in charge of the blockaded territory.

In a statement posted online, the group calling itself Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem said it fired mortar rounds at a base used by Hamas’s armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

Witnesses told AFP they heard explosions close to Khan Yunis.

A bomb attack this week targeted Hamas’s security headquarters in Gaza after radical Islamists issued a threatening message calling for the release of prisoners.

Hamas security forces arrested a Salafist leader last month, alleging that he was a supporter of the Islamic State group (IS) that holds vast swathes…

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Loop reaches 200,000 users

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Loop, our new research network for scientists, reached 200,000 users this week!

We officially launched Loop in January 2015 as a research network for scientists and are thrilled at how fast it’s growing. In fact, many of the top scientists and researchers in the world have profiles on Loop, and thousands of institutes are represented on the platform, with Harvard, National Institutes of Health and The Max Planck Society ranking as the top 3 institutes with the most Loop profiles.

Loop was launched with the goal to take open-access publishing to the next level and increase the readership and impact of researchers and their articles. Loop is the first open, cross-platform research network and Loop profiles are available for integration into any academic website, including scholarly publishers, universities and other academic organizations. This allows for the discoverability of researchers and their work across multiple domains with Loop currently integrated into…

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Obama Issues Hilarious Statement on Armenian Genocide committed by his BFF Turkey

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He cant bash Erdogan, thats his BFF..


President Obama issued a statement on the Armenian genocide that amounts to a contortionist act at the circus, implying the word “genocide” while twisting himself into knots to avoid using the actual term.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, committed by the Turks. Obama promised during his 2008 campaign to finally use the dreaded word to describe what happened. But, frightened of the reaction by the Turks, he is breaking his promise.

The statement he issued instead must be the warm up by his joke writers, who are piecing together his remarks for Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ dinner. Because this has to be a joke.

Obama lays it on thick, as if a surplus of emotion can atone for the deficit of moral fortitude. The statement is nearly 800 words, among them tear jerkers like “horrific,” “horrors” “solemn”…

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Charles Krauthammer: Iran has Obama to thank for restoring its strength

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In December, President Obama said that he wished to see Iran ultimately become a “very successful regional power.” His wish — a nightmare for the Western-oriented Arab states — is becoming a reality. Consider:

Gulf of Aden: Iran sends a flotilla of warships and weapons-carrying freighters to reinforce the rebels in Yemen — a noncontiguous, non-Persian, nonthreatening (to Iran) Arabian state — asserting its new status as regional bully and arbiter. The Obama administration sends an aircraft carrier group, apparently to prevent this gross breach of the UN weapons embargo on Yemen. Instead, the administration announces that it has no intention of doing anything. Meanwhile, it exerts pressure on Saudi Arabia to halt its air war over Yemen and agree to negotiate a political settlement involving Iran.

Russia: After a five-year suspension, Russia announces the sale of advanced surface-to-air missiles to Iran, which will render its nuclear facilities…

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Netofa Winery – the Rhone Ranger of Israel

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I have previously posted about our tasting and dinner last year with Pierre Miodownick and the Netofa Winery. They are two entities that are deeply intertwined with each other essentially Netofa is Pierre. The humorous aspect is that when I think of Pierre, I think of France, Bordeaux, Champagne, maybe Burgundy, but I do not think about Rhone! According to GG, Pierre did make a Rhone wine in the past, a Crozes-Hermitage, but I never tasted it. In a special way, Netofa is Pierre’s entry, on a large scale, into the Rhone and Iberian wine regions of the world, and like most things he makes, they are fantastic!

Once again, it was GG and I making our way to Pierre’s house for a tasting of all the new Netofa wines and to see his beautiful new tasting room that was recently constructed. The wines are still being made at Or Haganuz, all…

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Russia infuriated after Israel snubs ceremony marking 70th anniversary of victory in Second World War

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A Second World War commemoration is the latest point of contention between Israel and Russia, days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has lifted the ban on selling S-300 missiles to Iran. Israeli officials announced they will not send a representative to Russia for the ceremonies marking 70 years since its victory over Germany, set to take place in Moscow’s Red Square next month.

Many Western nations declined to send high-level representatives because of tensions surrounding Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. But there had been discussions in Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or President Reuven Rivlin attending. But Israel later announced that its ambassador to Moscow would be present, reportedly infuriating the Russian government.

“It is entirely up to you whether you want to reach the conclusion that there is a relationship between the two things,” a senior Israeli official told The Media Line, referring to the…

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Former CBC weather forecaster Claire Martin running for Green Party nomination in North Vancouver

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OTTAWA — A familiar face to many viewers of the national weather forecast is planning to test the winds of federal politics.

Claire Martin, former meteorologist with CBC-TV’s The National, plans to announce Wednesday she will seek the Green party nomination in the riding of North Vancouver.

Conservative Andrew Saxton won the riding handily in the 2011 election, taking almost half of the votes.

By contrast, Saxton’s Green party rival received just over five per cent of the ballots.

Martin, raised in England, presented weather forecasts in Canada for almost two decades before leaving CBC last year.

She is to appear at a news conference in the riding Wednesday with party leader Elizabeth May.

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