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The NIH has a brand-new welcome video, aptly titled “We are NIH.” The video is now available to greet our guests on campus and inform visitors on our website about NIH and its lifesaving mission. I think the video really captures the spirit of NIH by showcasing just a few of the many incredible people who work and volunteer here every day to help turn discovery into health. I even got to offer my own welcome at 5 minutes and 40  seconds into the video and share my thoughts about the impact of NIH-funded research. Take a look. We are NIH!

The Noahide Code






The Noahide code is the original faith and law for mankind.

Though it was first given to Adam and Eve it is called after Noah on account of God reestablishing his covenant with him (Genesis 9:8-10).

Later It was recorded by the Prophet Moshe

In Exodus. 24:3, it says “Moshe came and told the people all the words of God and all the laws…”  here “all the laws” refers to the Seven Noahide Commandments and a few of the Jewish Commandments, all of which the Israelites had already been commanded before they arrived at Mt. Sinai.

Additionally, it says (Ibid. 24:4) “Moshe wrote all the words of God” means that at that time he wrote down the Book of Genesis (where the verses which inform us the Noahide Commandments are found) (and the Book of Exodus up to that point).

Here at the Noahide Research Institute we are ready to help guide you in Noahide practice.


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Iran’s stock of enriched uranium exceeds nuclear deal’s limit, IAEA says


July 1, 2019
9:27 AM EDT

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July 1, 2019
9:27 AM EDT Filed under

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VIENNA — Iran has followed through on its threat to breach a central limit of its nuclear deal with major powers, accumulating more enriched uranium than allowed under the accord, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed on Monday.

“We can confirm that IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano has informed the Board of Governors that the Agency verified on 1 July that Iran’s total enriched uranium stockpile exceeded (the deal’s limit),” an IAEA spokesman said in a statement.

An IAEA report sent to member states and obtained by Reuters put Iran’s stock at 205 kg, above the deal’s limit of 202.8 kg. (Reporting by Francois Murphy)Related Stories:REFILE-UPDATE 5-Iran says it has breached 2015 nuclear deal’s stockpile limitFACTBOX-The atomic restrictions imposed by the Iran nuclear dealIran’s enriched uranium stockpile has passed 300 kilogram limit- Fars news

“Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette officially launched his government’s new immigration selection system

René Bruemmer, Montreal Gazette posted: “Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette officially launched his government’s new immigration selection system Thursday that he promised would drastically reduce wait times for prospective newcomers to the province and better fill the needs of emp” Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on Montreal Gazette Quebec launches new system to select immigrants by René Bruemmer, Montreal Gazette Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette officially launched his government’s new immigration selection system Thursday that he promised would drastically reduce wait times for prospective newcomers to the province and better fill the needs of employers suffering a labour shortage in the province. The switch to a new system called Arrima, already in use in other provinces, has been controversial because the Coalition Avenir Québec government passed legislation that shredded 18,000 existing immigration application files involving about 50,000 people, in order to institute it. The province’s controversial new immigration reform legislation, Bill 9, was voted into law on June 16 after a marathon nighttime debate and under the threat of closure, with all opposition parties voting against it. Quebec Chambers of Commerce and employers groups have applauded it, however, saying it will expedite the hiring process. At a press conference Wednesday, Jolin-Barrette said the new system represents “a major turning point” in the immigration selection process in Quebec, one that will better match the needs of employers throughout the province and will shorten the waiting time for prospective immigrants awaiting permission to work in the province from three years down to six months. The government will prioritize 3,700 individuals among the 18,000 who had already requested a permanent Quebec Selection Certificate while they were in the process of immigrating. Those who have labour skills that respond to Quebec’s needs will be selected, he said. From now on, those wishing to immigrate to Quebec under the Regular Skilled Worker Program must go through Arrima, an online portal. Applicants must fill out an expression of interest form, with information about their training, education, language skills and work experience. This part of the process is free. The ministry will review the base of applicants, and issue invitations based on labour market needs in different regions of the province. Those selected can submit an official immigration application and pay the fees. Applicants will be evaluated using a selection grid that takes into account work experience, language knowledge and education, among other factors. Once their request for permanent selection is submitted, candidates will face a six-month wait time to find out if they have been selected or not, Jolin-Barrette said. Under the previous system, based on a first-come, first-served basis as opposed to employment needs of the province, wait times could stretch to three years. The new system will also allow employers to see candidates’ submissions and contact them via email to offer them employment, improving their chance for permanent residency. This option will be available in early 2020, Jolin-Barrette said. Members of Quebec and Montreal’s chamber of commerce as well as the Conseil du patronat, Quebec’s largest employers group, welcomed the new system, saying it would help speed up hiring to fill roughly 120,000 empty positions in the province. They also called on the government to increase immigration numbers, which the CAQ has pledged to do in the future, after it cut the number from 50,000 a year to 40,000. more details to come rbruemmer@postmedia.com [related_links /] René Bruemmer, Montreal Gazette | June 27, 2019 at 1:05 pm | Tags: bill 9, jolin-barrette, Quebec, quebec immigration | Categories: Local News | URL: https://wp.me/p4Uzqt-6qzY Comment    See all comments Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Montreal Gazette.
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Oman to open embassy in Palestinian territories’ West Bank: foreign ministry — Reuters: Top News

Oman to open embassy in Palestinian territories’ West Bank: foreign ministry

5h agoOman said on Wednesday it was planning to open a new diplomatic mission in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and that a delegation from its foreign ministry would go to Ramallah for that purpose.