BBC papers over UN HRC connection of Swiss PLO deal broker

BBC Watch

On January 22nd the BBC News website published an article titled “Switzerland ‘made secret deal with PLO’ after bomb attacks” in which Imogen Foulkes gave a reasonable account of the story and its significance.PLO Swiss deal written

“Controversy is growing in Switzerland over an alleged secret deal, made almost 50 years ago, between the Swiss government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

The agreement, detailed in a new book, was apparently designed to prevent terrorist attacks on Swiss territory.

In return, Switzerland would offer diplomatic support to the PLO. […]

Almost half a century later, with many countries experiencing terror attacks, it seems outrageous to some Swiss that their own government might have done deals with groups classed as terrorists.

What is more, the relatives of those who died in the bombing of the Swissair flight may be justified in feeling angry that no one has ever been brought to…

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Currency Update: 1 USD $ equals 1.4207 CAD



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Latest Obstacle in Detroit’s Long Road to Recovery: Paralyzed Public Schools

White flight, Chapter 9, crumbling infrastructure and crack cocaine: Motor City adds one more issue to the list.

Source: Latest Obstacle in Detroit’s Long Road to Recovery: Paralyzed Public Schools

Reviewing BBC compliance with PLO media guidance

BBC Watch

Early in November the PLO’s ‘Negotiations Affairs Department’ – headed by frequent BBC contributor Saeb Erekat – issued a guidance document to members of the international media titled “Key Points to Remember when Reporting on Occupied Palestine“.  

Analysis of the document’s content falls outside our remit but has already been carried out by Dr Eran Lerman at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.  In this post we will take a look at the degree of BBC compliance with some of the PLO messaging laid out in that ten-point media guidance.

The PLO’s first point is titled “Israel occupies the State of Palestine” and journalists are told that “Israel is the occupying power and Palestine a nation under foreign occupation”.

Whilst the BBC stops short of describing the geographical areas controlled by different Palestinian factions as a state, it does describe them as ‘occupied’ – including the Gaza…

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Justin Trudeau: You’re paying his childcare

Baked Canadians

It wasn’t shocking and it wasn’t unexpected.  Yesterday it was revealed that Justin Trudeau has hired not one but two nannies to care for his three children.  What was shocking and what was unexpected was that the man that said the rich don’t need government tax credits for childcare or other such handouts was instead merrily charging the costs of the two nannies to the Canadian taxpayer.

That’s right folks.  Hundreds of thousands of poor Canadians with children have to pay for their childcare.  Justin Trudeau, a millionaire and Prime Minister of Canada, with a wife gets the taxpayer not to subsidize his childcare but to pay for it outright.

Now don’t think I’ve become an advocate for the poor to have free or subsidized childcare either.  I am not.  Today men and women choose to have children and women actually have more of the choice.  Yup there are tons…

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Destroy the ISIS Caliphate


We can either fight ISIS in our cities or in their cities.

Daniel Greenfield //On Friday morning, Obama claimed that ISIS had been contained. By Friday evening, ISIS had carried out one of the deadliest acts of Islamic terrorism in the West.  129 are dead. 352 are wounded.

The Jihadists massacred helpless people, shooting them down as they begged for mercy in restaurants and music halls, blowing themselves up for Allah outside soccer stadiums. Shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, they brought the terror and horror of the Islamic State from grim Raqqa to prosperous Paris.

Obama had claimed that the Islamic State was contained in Iraq and Syria, but the Caliphate was never going to be contained by his tactics of “low-intensity, occasional strikes” in which 75 percent of pilots return without bombing ISIS even when they have the terror group right in their sights.

It’s a familiar story. A few…

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Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month!

One in Twenty Six

Happy Epilepsy Awareness Month!  I’m happy to announce that my memoir, The Sacred Disease, will be published on 11/16/15 and hopefully help to raise awareness about epilepsy during this important time.  The electronic version of The Sacred Disease is now available for pre-order on Amazon and the print version will be available for pre-order later this week.  If you’d like to contribute to a fantastic organization (100% of author royalties from the sale of my book will be donated to CURE) or learn more about epilepsy, please consider visiting the link below.

The following is an excerpt from The Sacred Disease when I was pregnant with my first son. . . 

DURING MY SENIOR resident rotation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), my job was to attend all high-risk deliveries and lead the team of pediatric residents during newborn resuscitations. Most of the time, this job was…

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