Poor, poor Saudi Arabia–really

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Saudi Arabia is in money trouble. For real. Oil revenues are dropping, government expenditures are rising, foreign currency reserves are disappearing and oil is drying up. I discussed this a few minutes ago with host P.J. Maloney on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh.

To confront this crisis, a Saudi Arabian deputy crown prince (!) has come up with a program called Vision 2030, to try to wean his country off oil revenues. It includes partially privatizing ARAMCO, the nation’s oil industry company.

What it doesn’t do is address education, the dominance of fundamentalist clerics who have scuttled modernization up to now, the centrality of Mecca to Islam and the influence that has over the society, Saudi Arabia’s role as the leader of the Sunni Muslim world alongside its funding of militant Islamists and terrorists, and especially–women.

In crass economic terms, women represent half the potential work force. In human terms, Saudi…

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My Pop Pop: A Hero Story For Memorial Day

Orange Street News


May 30, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Today is Memorial Day and I am thinking of my Pop Pop John Thrash. He is a war hero whose plane was shot down in World War Two.

Pop Pop is my hero. I am very grateful. He will always be my hero.

Here the story about what happened to him on March 15, 1945

“Our target was Oranienburg (about 2o miles northwest of Berlin). Shortly after the bomb drop, I saw black anti-aircraft smoke burst approximately 200 yards closer at our level. Our pilot, Charles H. Carpenter, told me to see what damage we had. I got on my walk around oxygen bottle and went through the bomb bay and the radio room to access the damage. Our waste gunner, Walter Ahl, was lying face up and dead. His whole right side was blown off. There was a large hole in the…

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I remember being so shy in primary school, right from class one to class eight, being unable to say ‘present sir’ in class and being too intimidated to play with my classmates who ran themselves thin on Mindililwo primary school’s wide fields. I naturally developed affection for our farm livestock as a result, and spent many sunny days stroking and hugging our cows. Still I felt something was amiss. I needed a friend I could talk to and laugh with (I have to confess that the kids at the Mindililwo were so kind and did their best to draw me out of my shell but to no avail).

One day (I think I was in class two or three), I dreamt that a man with purple skin, a long tail, with an egg balancing on his head, came to my room, held my hand and walked me outside, where we…

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Two Holocaust Studies Fellowships Awarded to our Student Ionela Ana Dăsculţu

Holocaust Studies in Haifa

Ionela_1In one of my recent conversations with Dr. Yael Granot-Bein, I have been reminded how much I have learned and how my life has changed in the past few years. Three years ago, when I was defending my MA dissertation at the University of Bucharest, I could have only dreamed of becoming the person I am today.

A year ago, I was preoccupied with classes, papers and exams together with my wonderful classmates from the Weiss-Livnat MA Program. Also, I was looking through the fellowships available for Holocaust students and scholars. Luckily for the future of Holocaust studies, there are many awards and outstanding candidates to fill in these positions.

Now I am a second year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Haifa, and I have recently been awarded two amazing fellowships at the most prestigious museum in the field, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. As a Ph.D. candidate…

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Chof Ches Nissan: Our Perspective 25 Years Later… — 11213.org | Chassidus in english with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Last night the farbrengen lasted till 12:30am and really gave us a true appreciation of what it mean to say Ad Mosai with an Emes. It lasted for just over 3 hours Audio version: Mobile user/Download link: Chof Ches Nissan: Our Perspective 25 Years Later (To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”) Like: Facebook.com/11213.org […]

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NSF Funding Opportunity for Innovative Neuroscience-Based Computational Infrastructure

BRAIN Update

In a recent “Dear Colleague Letter” (DCL) the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced funding opportunities for Innovative Computational Infrastructure for Understanding the Brain, directed to support initial exploratory actions for creating and sharing computing resources for studying the brain.

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