$53 million in jewels stolen by armed thief at luxury hotel in Cannes

National Post | News

PARIS — A staggering 40 million euro ($53 million) worth of diamonds and other jewels were stolen Sunday from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, in one of Europe’s biggest jewelry heists recent years, police said.

The hotel in the sweltering French Riviera was hosting a temporary jewelry exhibit over the summer from the prestigious Leviev diamond house, which is owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev.

A police spokesman said the theft took place around noon, but he could not confirm local media reports that the robber was a single gunman who stuffed a suitcase with the gems before making a swift exit. The spokesman spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter on the record.

Several police officers were placed in front of the Carlton exhibition room to prevent journalists and photographers gathered at the scene from entering.

The luxury Carlton hotel is…

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The Zionist Zoo strikes again

Anne's Opinions

The Zionist Zoo™ consists of strange animals and objects, all of which have been suspected of sabotaging or spying on Arab countries or civilians.  The levels of paranoia which these animals and objects arouse are a source of enormous amusement to us Israelis.

The latest Zionist zoological escapade occurred last week in Turkey where an IsraeliZionist spy-bird was spotted and promptly arrested by the brave Turkish villagers:

Turkish authorities detained a bird on suspicion it was spying for Israel, but freed it after X-rays showed it was not embedded with surveillance equipment, newspapers said on Friday.

The kestrel aroused suspicion because of a metal ring on its foot carrying the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel”, prompting residents in the village of Altinayva to hand it over to the local governor.

The bird was put in an X-ray machine at a university hospital to check for microchips or bugging…

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Owner had funds to fix collapsed Elliot Lake mall, but he didn’t want to pour money into ’black hole’


National Post | News

ELLIOT LAKE, Ont. — The owner of the crumbling Algo Centre Mall admitted Thursday he actually had the cash to fix the leaking roof but chose not to because it would have meant pouring money down the drain.

Testifying for a third day at the inquiry into the mall’s deadly collapse, Bob Nazarian said he sold a property he owned in 2009 — four years after he purchased the mall — then spent $2.6-million to buy another.

Why, commission counsel Peter Doody asked, didn’t he instead put that money into fixing the roof?

“Because,” Nazarian said.

“Because why?”


“The Algo Mall was a black hole. No matter how much money you put in … that mall was doomed,” Nazarian responded.

“Simply, I would not put my life in it. I worked 42 years to gather some fund for my family. I’m not going to put everything in this building.”

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Man sees for the first time in old age: ‘It’s like I’m a child all over again’


MONTREAL – When Pierre-Paul Thomas was a boy, he could not play hockey with his brothers and it broke his heart.

For Thomas had been born blind. He endured the triple misfortune of suffering from congenital nystagmus — a condition in which the eyes move from side to side involuntarily — along with damaged optic nerves and cataracts bulging behind his pupils.

It was the 1940s — long before medicare became available — and Thomas grew up in a family of nine brothers and sisters in the town of Saint-Rémi-d’Amherst, more than 100 kilometres north of Montreal.

His brothers and sisters were forbidden from calling him blind for fear of their mother whacking their behinds. So Thomas learned to “see” with his fingers. When he grew older, he repaired bikes, and for his first full-time job, he kneaded dough in a bakery.

Thomas could make out the rough, unfocused outlines…

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Lac-Mégantic mayor praised for efforts to unite town after devastating rail disaster

National Post | News

This was supposed to be the sunset of Colette Roy-Laroche’s 11-year tenure as mayor of Lac-Mégantic. Her major projects had been realized, and she was looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren when she stepped down in November.

But instead of retiring a virtual unknown outside her community of 6,000, Ms. Roy-Laroche, 69, has been transformed into one of the province’s most recognizable political figures by the July 6 rail disaster that destroyed the heart of of her town. The crisis has forced her to delay retirement plans: the province has agreed to a town council request to extend its mandate by two years to avoid elections this fall.

In a nod to the stone extracted from the local hills, her determination and stoic leadership have earned her the nickname “The Granite Lady.” At a time when corruption scandals and arrests have given Quebec mayors a bad name…

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Canadian man linked to Bulgarian bus bombing


Bulgarian officials have identified two individuals — including a Canadian — who are suspected of involvement in a Hezbollah-linked bus bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists last summer.

The men have been identified as Canadian Hassan El Hajj Hassan, 25, and Australian Meliad Farah, 32.

Earlier this year, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said the Canadian in question was a dual national who resides in Lebanon, but did not identify him by name.

Then-immigration minister Jason Kenney said the man immigrated to Canada from Lebanon at a young age, obtained Canadian citizenship a few years later, and then returned to Lebanon when he was 12.

He has returned to Canada a few times but was not a “habitual” resident, Kenney said at the time.

On July 18 of last year, a bus exploded as it took a group of Israeli tourists from the airport to the Black Sea…

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‘Crazy bird lady’ offers drug-addicted, abused parrots safe haven

Global News

A woman in Chalk River, Ontario has dedicated her life to saving abused birds, some of which arrive at her door addicted to drugs.

Diane Dwyer has more than 60 birds that have been abandoned or seized by police and she keeps them in her home where she runs 2nd Chance Aviary Parrot Sanctuary.

The self-proclaimed “crazy bird lady” said the police first discovered her sanctuary when an 82-year-old parrot named “Bill” called 911.

“Bill picked up the phone and hit 911 and [the emergency operator] said ‘what’s the emergency?’… I said ‘none, we’re just heading out to work.’”

The phone operator asked Dwyer if there were any children in the house and hours later police showed up at her doorstep.

Dwyer said she told police to be prepared and brought them in to meet the parrots.

“The first thing [Bill] says is ‘do you want to smoke…

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Canadian identified as suspect in deadly Bulgarian bus bombing of Israeli tourists

National Post | News

Bulgarian authorities have named a Canadian man, Hassan El Hajj Hassan, 25, as a wanted fugitive and suspected Hezbollah operative involved in last year’s bombing of a tourist bus at an airport on Bulgaria’s coast that killed five Israelis and their local driver.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior said Thursday it released his name and photo, along with that of a second suspect, an Australian named Meliad Farah, in a global appeal to apprehend the two.

Both men were seen in several regions of Bulgaria in the weeks before the attack. One of the bus bombers, not yet identified but who is believed to be related to the Canadian suspect, died in the attack.

Mr. Hassan was born March 22, 1988, in Lebanon and has Lebanese and Canadian citizenship.

He has a child in Canada and came back to visit his child before the deadly July 18, 2012, bombing, the

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