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Originally posted on koolkosherkitchen: Today is the International Dentist Day.  I am sure that many of you, Beautiful People, do not count your visits to a dentist among your most pleasant memories. I, on the other hand, vividly remember lines of patients by my father’s door who had preferred to wait (and suffer!) for hours…

I Give You Roti And a Big Hug — koolkosherkitchen

Israel, Greece, and Cyprus Forming Eastern Mediterranean Alliance — Haifa Diary

Israel, Greece, and Cyprus continue to establish a long lasting alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean. This week they agreed to build a $6 billion undersea cable, running from Israel through Cyprus, and reaching Greece.While the excitement about the growing security and economic partnerships between Israel, Greece, and Cyprus can be felt in those countries’ leaderships,…

Israel, Greece, and Cyprus Forming Eastern Mediterranean Alliance — Haifa Diary

Learning With Fire — L’AcademyOfLife.Org & KabbalahWisdom.org

56 It’s been testified about the Holy Baal Shem Tov that when he would tomorrow with his Holy Disciples a flaming fire would surround them. And supernal Angels would gather to hear the Thunder and lightning and the Divine voice saying “I am God your Lord” from Mount Sinai. Note 61 Whoever purifies themselves and […]

Learning With Fire — L’AcademyOfLife.Org & KabbalahWisdom.org


Opinion | A Daycare Tragedy Opens My Eyes | Moment Magazine

Sometimes a single truth, belatedly discovered, can change one’s world view with surprising swiftness. The article that changed mine was published in Haaretz—a newspaper I never read, considering it, like most Israelis, to be far left of the Far Left. I’d only bought it because my granddaughter Matan’s photo was on the front page, part of an article about teen journal writing during COVID.

The article in question was a long interview by journalists Noa Lemone and Hilo Glazer with Anat Dayagi, founder of Parents for Infant Care, who was propelled to activism when her healthy eight-month-old son David died in a daycare center four years ago. At the time, there were eight babies in the center and only one carer, who later admitted she was “half-asleep” and did not know how to administer CPR. The carer called for an ambulance only after placing three phone calls to her husband. By the time the medics arrived, as they later told Dayagi and her husband, the baby was “blue and cold and had been dead for some time.”

Police investigators closed the case quickly, calling it a “crib death.” Dayagi investigated and was shocked to discover that no laws had been broken: Current Israeli law allows anyone to open a daycare center, without any licensing criteria, training or government inspection. “Criminals, pedophiles, drug addicts…no problem, all are welcome,” Dayagi says bitterly. No rule barred having one carer for eight babies, although accepted professional guidelines call for a one-to-three ratio.

Dayagi vowed to tighten the laws, and she made slow but steady progress getting the support of politicians and ministers—that is, until she hit the brick wall of the lobbying group Kohelet Policy Forum.


2) Kuntres Yud Alef Nissan 5751: Prayer of the Rich Man

Dvar Malchus 770

This discourse of the Rebbe was edited and printed for distribution for the Rebbe’s birthday, 11 Nissan, 5751.  A lengthy and deep discourse, we mention here only the main points, reflecting the themes of the Dvar Malchus sichos from the same period.

“Tefilla leMoshe” is called by our sages the prayer of a rich man, and “Tefilla leDovid” is the prayer of a poor man.  Since tefilla is defined as our asking for our needs, what is a rich man’s prayer?  What does he need?

We find that according to Torah one must fill the needs of the poor man.  This doesn’t only mean those necessities requires by every person, it means we are obligated also to fill his personal needs.  If he had previously been wealthy and was accustomed to a servant and a horse to run before him, then for him such a thing is lacking and we must provide it for him.  One…

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Introduction to the cycle of Dvar Malchus — Dvar Malchus 770

Introduction to the cycle of Dvar Malchus “Rav Asi asked, ‘Why do little school children begin their Chumash learning with Vayikra and not with Bereishis? It is because little children are pure and unblemished, and the sacrifices are pure and unblemished. The pure ones begin their learning with the study of the pure.’” (Vayikra Rabbah, […]

Introduction to the cycle of Dvar Malchus — Dvar Malchus 770

The Green Triangle -The first prisoners in Auschwitz — History of Sorts

Originally posted on History of Sorts: Many people believe that the industrialized scale killing of Jews, Homosexuals,Roma and others in Auschwitz started immediately when the camp had opened. But the fact is that for the first few weeks there were only 30 prisoners. On May 20,1940 the first 30 numbers were assigned to  German prisoners…

The Green Triangle -The first prisoners in Auschwitz — History of Sorts