More Helpings of Iconic Kosher Cookbook

Aug. 7, 2020 – By BARBARA SILVERSTEIN Due to popular demand, Second Helpings, Please!, the iconic kosher cookbook, is back in print. After 50-plus years, this best-selling Canadian cookbook has returned to its roots: The new edition – the 18th – is being published by B’nai Brith Canada, the volume’s original publisher 52 years ago. […]

More Helpings of Iconic Kosher Cookbook

Richa blueberry muffin overnight oats

Toronto Teen Wins Diana Award for Holocaust Education

Aug. 20, 2020 – By BARBARA SILVERSTEIN When Erin Sade was in Grade 6, she was so moved by a Holocaust education program at her school that in subsequent years, she dedicated much of her time to educating other young people about the subject. Fast forward seven years and Sade, now 18, was one of […]

Toronto Teen Wins Diana Award for Holocaust Education

The power struggle that resides within our brain

Our brain is divided. We just don’t know it. Or we do, but not in the way one thinks. To put it simply – a power struggle has been going on between the left side of our brain, or the analytical side, and the right side, the emotional side. It’s been going on for quite […]

The power struggle that resides within our brain

L’hitraot from the Editor…

It’s been my privilege to work at AACI for nearly four years, getting to know English-speaking olim and visitors to Israel and helping them whenever possible. Sometimes my “help” was nothing more than a kind word or a few patient moments to connect with another human being. Sometimes I listened to a remembered anecdote. I made many […]

L’hitraot from the Editor…

Anti-Semitism Becomes Political Fodder in Alberta’s Legislature

June 29, 2020 – By JEREMY APPEL(Courtesy Alberta Jewish News) The Jewish Federations of Edmonton and Calgary say they expressed concerns privately with the provincial government after an appointee to a judicial vetting committee was revealed to have promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories online. Cold Lake, Alta., lawyer Leighton Grey abruptly resigned from the Provincial Court […]

Anti-Semitism Becomes Political Fodder in Alberta’s Legislature