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Earlier this month, The Rose, a women’s newsletter issued by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, declared that through its support of Israel, Canada is complicit in “war crimes.”

Alongside claims that “patriarchy was introduced into First Nations cultures through European colonization,” the publication asserts that Canada “is allowing Israel to terrorize occupied people, breach international law, normalize home demolitions … and steal resources.”

Almost immediately, Jewish groups issued condemnations of the three-page document as “a racist propaganda tool filled with half-truths,” according to the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.

Representatives from all three major parties joined the chorus, with the most colourful coming from Liberal leader Bob Rae: “I continue to be astonished by the extent to which ideas which should be on the ‘loony tunes’ margins of politics have now been adopted by a union which represents thousands of its members.”

If it seemed…

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There is a great deal of nonsense that Canadians like to tell themselves about the war in Iraq and Canada’s abstention from it. There’s the one about how “antiwar” protests kept Canada out of it all, that it was a case of Canada bravely defying those overbearing, warmongering Yanks for once, and that Jean Chrétien risked a rupture in Canada-U.S. relations in order to defend our precious foreign-policy sovereignty.

Normally, one can put up with quite a few revisionist orthodoxies necessary to respectable opinion about Iraq — the one about how George Bush and Tony Blair deliberately lied to everyone so they could wage a war for Iraqi oil, for just one commonplace example. But last week, being the Anglo-American invasion’s 10th anniversary, the self-congratulation and fatuous back-patting has become positively nauseating.

For all the mewling about the Conservatives having turned Canada into a nation of warmongers, between 1993 and…

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[np_storybar title=”‘I’ve lived years in a cage’: Man set to walk free 22 years after he was wrongly convicted of rabbi’s murder in NYC” link=””]Ranta was convicted in May 1991 and sentenced to 37.5 years in maximum-security prison, where he remains to this day.

He is almost certainly not guilty.


NEW YORK — A New York City man whose murder conviction was overturned after 23 years in prison has suffered a heart attack on his second day of freedom.

David Ranta’s lawyer tells The New York Times that the former inmate had a serious heart attack Friday night and is being treated at a New York hospital.

Ranta walked out of jail Thursday after a judge threw out his conviction in the 1990 killing of a Brooklyn rabbi.

Brooklyn prosecutors had recently concluded Ranta’s prosecution in the death of Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger…

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we are/we will regret this recap

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Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East isn’t over yet. But already, it has been so successful that no less a critic than Commentary Magazine’s Jonathan Tobin — who spent Obama’s first term assailing the President’s allegedly Jimmy Carteresque take on the Middle East — is fundamentally reassessing his opinion.

“One thing has undoubtedly changed in the aftermath of the presidential visit to Israel: Barack Obama’s image as an antagonist of the Jewish state,” Tobin wrote yesterday on the Commentary web site. “In terms of his attitude toward Israel, in the past three days Obama has altered his status in that regard from being the second coming of Jimmy Carter to that of another Bill Clinton … After the stirring Zionist rhetoric uttered by the president during his stay in the Jewish state, it’s simply no longer possible for his opponents to brand him as a foe of Israel or…

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[np_storybar title=”Jesse Kline: Time for America to let Jonathan Pollard go” link=””]

Much has been made of U.S. President Barack Obama’s inability to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, and the government’s failure to extend basic civil liberties to the inmates. At least those being held at Guantanamo are enemies of the United States. Much less attention has been given to the treatment of one of America’s allies, who has been languishing in a North Carolina prison cell for 28 years.

Jonathan Pollard was a United States Navy intelligence analyst who, in the mid-1980s, discovered the U.S. government was deliberately withholding vital intelligence about nuclear and chemical weapons being developed by Syria, Iraq, Lybia and Iran from the Israelis — information Israel was legally entitled to under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.

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Politicians, protesters, even a heckler united during…

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Beis Moshiach Magazine – Recent Articles – WHAT YUD-ALEF NISSAN MEANS 

Beis Moshiach Magazine – Recent Articles – WHAT YUD-ALEF NISSAN MEANS 


It is not for naught that the HaYom Yom of Yud-Alef Nissan is about making a cheshbon ha’nefesh, about rectifying those areas in our life that need to be rectified. For in order to feel and to identify with what Yud-Alef Nissan is all about, “Ich vill mer nit az dich alein” – all we need to do is to ensure that our own reception is static-free.

The following story was shared with me by Rabbi Dovid Sholom Pape:……………