Beyond Jordan Peterson: A National Post investigation into the state of free speech on campuses

Is free speech under threat on university campuses today? Are governments right to intervene?

The Beis Hamikdosh Here in the Time and Place of Golus

The Beis Hamikdosh Here in the Time and Place of Golus

7m ago

The Rebbe mentions, in the printed sicha of Vayera 5752 (last week), a midrash* which states that the month of Marcheshvan (when the construction of the first Beis Hamikdash was completed, but it wasn’t opened until the following Tishrei) “lost out” and in the time to come the Holy One, blessed be He, will pay her back with the inauguration (chanukas) of the 3rd Beis Hamikdash which will take place in the month of Marcheshvan.

What significance does this have to the events of Marcheshvan 5752, when…..

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Bibi caves to Bennett

Nov 10, 2019

Bibi caves to Bennett

I am impressed. Naftali Bennett has been trying to persuade PM Netanyahu for so long to appoint him as Minister of Defense, and Netanyahu has regularly called his bluff and refused.

Ayelet Shaked has been trying to make her way back into the Likud but has been finding nothing but locked doors in front of her.

Suddenly Netanyahu is in this situation of no government after two elections, with the possibility of someone else forming the next government. He see Ayelet Shaked courting Avigdor Lieberman, and he sees Naftali Bennett talking about the need for a unity government, even without him, while also seeing him talking to Benny Gantz’s people.

Out of fear of the 55-bloc crumbling, Netanyahu offers Bennett what he has wanted for so long – the Ministry of Defense. And, Yamina and Likud will run on a joint ticket, essentially, bringing Shaked back into the Likud. While for now it is just technical, it is already bringing Shaked part of the way in, and the door is now open for either a full merger or other changes that will find Shaked fully in the Likud.

And, this morning Uri Ariel tendered his resignation from the Ministry of Agriculture. Quietly. Just went away.

Journalist Yaki Adamker reported that Ariel resigned after Netanyahu requested he do so, considering that it is illogical that a party with 7 mandates should hold 4 ministries. So he retired. Without screaming about Bennett taking away his job or anything like that.

Very strange. But look what a little fear of losing control of the government can do…