Russia infuriated after Israel snubs ceremony marking 70th anniversary of victory in Second World War

National Post

A Second World War commemoration is the latest point of contention between Israel and Russia, days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has lifted the ban on selling S-300 missiles to Iran. Israeli officials announced they will not send a representative to Russia for the ceremonies marking 70 years since its victory over Germany, set to take place in Moscow’s Red Square next month.

Many Western nations declined to send high-level representatives because of tensions surrounding Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. But there had been discussions in Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or President Reuven Rivlin attending. But Israel later announced that its ambassador to Moscow would be present, reportedly infuriating the Russian government.

“It is entirely up to you whether you want to reach the conclusion that there is a relationship between the two things,” a senior Israeli official told The Media Line, referring to the…

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