Are Muslim-Majority Countries Anti-Christian? — FirstOneThrough

The February 2017 “Muslim ban” imposed by the Trump administration was criticized in many circles. People who were opposed to the limit on refugees from seven war-torn countries pointed to a carve-out in the order that allowed minorities (read non-Muslims) to find refuge in the United States. The protestors claimed that the clause showed the anti-Muslim […]

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Deux panneaux routiers volés en Montérégie — Journal Métro

Pour une deuxième fois en un moins d’un an, les panneaux pour la traverse de tortues serpentines du rang de la Rivière Nord à Saint-Jean-Baptiste ont été volés dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi. Un larcin similaire avait été commis le printemps dernier, forçant la municipalité à acquérir de nouveaux panneaux. Ces panneaux…

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Opinion: In solidarity with the Jews of Whitefish, Mont. — Montreal Gazette

As if from a Coen Brothers film, the surreal scene unfolded: Around a small, dimly lit table in the police station of a remote corner of Montana, sat a police chief and six Orthodox rabbis. Together with five rabbinic colleagues from around the U.S., I had embarked on a journey to Whitefish, Mont., recently the…

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The BBC’s selective portrayal of ‘Palestinian reactions’ to UNSC vote — UK Media Watch

This is a cross post from BBC Watch As was noted here in an earlier post, while BBC coverage of the UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2334 included reactions from “the Palestinian leadership”, none of the numerous reports informed audiences of the fact that the resolution was quickly hailed by the terror organisations Hamas and the Palestinian […]

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A review of BBC News website coverage of UNSC resolution 2334

BBC Watch

Events at the UN Security Council received generous coverage on the BBC News website on December 23rd and 24th. BBC audiences found articles relating to Egypt’s withdrawal of its draft resolution and reports concerning the subsequent tabling of  the resolution by New Zealand, Senegal, Venezuela and Malaysia which was approved by the UNSC on December 23rd.

December 23rd:un-sc-2334

1) Egypt delays UN motion on Israel as Trump intervenes

2) Israel blasts US over UN vote on settlements

3) UN Security Council votes against Israeli settlements Barbara Plett Usher (also appeared on BBC television channels and embedded in written reports)

4) Israeli settlements: UN Security Council calls for an end (date stamp changed

December 24th:

5) Israel settlements: Netanyahu rejects ‘shameful’ UN vote

6) Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review

The narrative promoted in those reports was uniform and…

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