Parshas Noach 5781

Yismach Lev

A gitten erev Shabbos! This week’s parsha is Parshas Noach. This is quite the interesting parsha. Between Parshas B’Reishis and this parsha there is so much to unpack, whole seforim could be written about them. Of course every word of the Torah could have a whole set of Tikkunei Zohar on it. For now this medium will suffice for a nice shtikl Torah.

It says in the Tanchuma and Zohar that Noach was born without an orlah (foreskin), which the Zohar learns as a remez (hint) to why Noach was called Tzaddik in his generation; because he was already free from the klippah associated with orlah. In the sifrei chassidus the word for the ark, תבה, is explained to refer to the spoken word, תיבה, that the ark of Noach wasn’t just the p’shat of a big boat, rather it refers to a structure made from words of prayer.


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