Gut Shabbes! (Lech Lecha)

Jewish Thoughts

Every Shabbes is special. But this Shabbes, we celebrate a nationwide event known as ShabbatUK. We know that if every Jew kept just one Shabbes, we would merit to greet Moshiach- but this isn’t the only reason why we ask everyone to keep Shabbes this week. We know of the amazing power of Shabbes; we know how it can transform lives and families, and we know that ShabbatUK has the ability to teach Jews from all backgrounds about the beauty of Shabbes.

Perhaps you already keep Shabbes, and wonder what the point of ShabbatUK is. If that’s the case, it’s your duty to help someone else keep Shabbes: you could invite someone to your house for Shabbes, pass on the love of Shabbes to another Jew, or teach just one person about the Holy nature of the day. Together, may we be zoche to keep Shabbes together, and welcome the…

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