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No parents should have to face the nightmare which Miriam’s parents are living in. And yet, they have no choice but to live through it, after their daughter, Miriam bas Shoshana, was critically injured in a drowning incident. Her condition stabilised but has worsened, and as I read the tearful pleas of her relatives, I turn my heart to Hashem.

I turn to Him and I beg Him to grant this beautiful girl a refuah shleimah. I cry as I daven for Miriam, and my heart breaks as I write this, yet I know that her parents’ pain is several thousand times harsher than my own. But at this crucial time, as Miriam lies desperately ill, I also turn my heart to you.

You, who is reading this now.

If it’s the very least you do, stop what you’re doing, take a moment, and daven for Miriam bas Shoshana…

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