Gut Shabbes! (Balak)

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Shabbes is meant to be a joyous day; so much so that it is forbidden to be sad. Sadness, like the mundane acts of work, is supposed to be strictly off limits, as we rejoice and thank G-d for the gift of the seventh day. Some weeks, this comes easily to me. Shabbes is often the only day on which I go out for enjoyment, and it’s the only time I see my friends and go to shul. But on other weeks, trying to rejoice is unbelievably difficult.

It’s on these weeks that I try to transform negatives into positives. I remember how G-d, through Balaam, turned curses into blessings in this week’s Parsha, and I resolve to do the same. Rather than cursing the rituals of Shabbes, and the forced merriment of the day, I thank G-d for the paradise in time, and use it as a chance to…

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