via Imagine a diamond which is who we all are-  now a diamond has four points – the top represents our Divine essence that descends into our mind – the right point represents our love which is the right side of our heart ( now this love as it is an emotion is not necessarily altruistic, in fact, though love for others is great, it obviously it is usually not born from conviction, hence we can easily fall into the) left side of the diamond,  which is the left side of our heart which is fear ( now the bottom point of the diamond is ego) hence as the ego believes when it does, that it should be prominent, hence any derision ( even simply another having more) is considered a mortal affront (as such, the ego sets up an attack mode-  now as the ego is the notion of prominence, hence it will never admit that it is ego – as such it creates a story ( in which you are god and the other is so evil that they deserve what abuse you shall wantonly heap) —