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Orange Street News

People want to know why so many businesses are “leafing” Selinsgrove!

That may sound like a bad pun, but just keep reading.

As you’ve read in my page 2 story, businesses are leaving Selinsgrove. In January, Selinsgrove might be losing another business. High Vacancy Fire Arms on Market Street.

Just last month a Selinsgrove business owner Nathan Fisher of Vivace Music at 28 N Market was fined $150. His crime? He wanted to replace a tree in front his of store to make it look nicer with another tree.

“I really care about plants/the environment and took great care in selecting what was planted…I put a sign up like I did with the mural as a courtesy to passersbys so they wouldn’t think I was removing the tree without replacing it,” Fisher told the OSN.

The town wasn’t having it!

Borough Manager Paul Williams filed the complaint against Nathan…

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