Now there’s news about Yemen. You’re welcome.

Broken Spring

Funny thing happened after my live analysis on KQV News Radio on Monday. We talked about the war in Yemen, and the fact that even a massacre of 140 people after the funeral of the father of a Cabinet minister doesn’t get coverage, despite the fact that the Yemen civil war is a dangerous proxy battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran and has left millions of civilians in desperate need of food and aid.

Within hours, the news agency I used to work for picked up the story, and since then, Yemen has been in the news. I know they’re listening to me (don’t ask me how I know), and of course, three missiles were fired from Yemen at American warships, and the US retaliated. That’s what I talked about a few minutes on KQV with host P.J. Maloney.

So if I helped get this story into the news…

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