Justice for Shlomo Rindenow



Shlomo Rindenow was a lone soldier who immigrated to Israel from New Jersey. He served in the IDF engineer corps and found his death under mysterious circumstances in the Golan Heights, while on guard duty on the 11th of Tamuz (July 17, 2016). Before he volunteered to join the IDF, he had given a year of his life volunteering in Kfar Tapuach to train service dogs and search for missing people with the (I.D.U.) Israel Dog Unit.


While it is hard to get a handle on what exactly transpired from the delayed and contradictory news items that have thus far been released from IDF censorship, some facts are none the less clear: A Druze soldier who was driving a jeep on a standard patrol and who had arrived at an army outpost that was being guarded by Shlomo Rindenow exited the jeep, with a hand grenade, which he used to…

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