One Panel at a Time: Illustrating Mental Illness at Depression Comix


Clay Jonathan, an artist based in Japan, has been drawing webcomics since 1997. At Depression Comix, he illustrates the feelings of depression in bite-size strips. Here, he talks about the challenges of making comics, the power of visual art, and sharing his work far and wide.

Everyone’s experiences are different — your comics aren’t meant to speak for all. But has there been a comic that’s been especially resonant to readers?

Clay publishes Depression Comix on two WordPress sites: his site and his self-hosted WordPress home, which includes a blog.

One of the most popular strips is #183, which received around 10,000 likes and reblogs on Tumblr. Getting help for depression is necessary, but one of the more unique problems with depression is that it demotivates sufferers from seeking help. Depression takes the energy from you to see a doctor; it tricks you into thinking that…

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