Jian Ghomeshi: Let’s talk…

Baked Canadians

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have an opinion on Jian Ghomeshi and not just the court case but the entire controversy?  I doubt it.  The details are shocking, some ( not me! ) would say erotic, violent, disgusting, … well the list of adjectives and adverbs applied to this man is long.  Few are redeeming of his character and most would damn him to Hell.

I’m not fan of Mr. Ghomeshi.  I personally think the man is disgusting.  I mean beating someone up during sex suggests a level of depravity and disrespect of your fellow human being that crosses the line for me.  Yes I know some people like this and that their partners do too.  Pardon me folks but I don’t have to accept that.  I don’t have to accept that violence is normal or acceptable.

What I accept even less is the ridiculous show trial of…

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