Israel in Red: Humdrum of abnormality


– Rabbi, do you have a spare pepper spray I could take with me by any chance?

That was my last call before going out into the night. For more than 10 minutes I was trying to decide not what to wear (like any normal girl would), but which weapon to take with me. My only choice presented either a bag-sized umbrella or a large glass bottle, which is still waiting to be taken to the mikveh. The bottle won, in case you asked.

It took me another couple of minutes to decide which shoes did not spoil the outfit, but would also be sufficiently comfortable in case I needed to run for life and, instead of a regular handbag, I took a rucksack in order to have my hands free. No, I was not going jogging; to be truthful, I haven’t jogged in a couple of weeks because…

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