Quebec Liberals move to force chains with English names to put French on their signs

bh yep nothing else to do in quiet month of june to cause a economic storm

National Post

MONTREAL • Conventional wisdom in Quebec says the Parti Québécois is the natural-born protector of the French language and the provincial Liberals are federalist pushovers.

But while the previous PQ government blustered about the need to strengthen Bill 101 — it proposed forcing small businesses to operate in French, stripping municipalities of bilingual status, granting language inspectors enhanced powers, even driving the children of military personnel out of English school — it accomplished nothing before its 2014 electoral defeat.

As they enter their second year in power, it is the Liberals who are pushing ahead with changes aimed at protecting the French language.

Wednesday in Quebec City, Culture Minister Hélène David announced the government will change the regulations under Bill 101 to force chains with English names to include a French slogan or description on their signs.


“In exercising my role as the minister responsible for…

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