Barack Obama Frees High Level Al Qaeda Terrorist Who Wrote Osama Bin Laden Fatwas



by Daniel Greenfield // Among the latest six Jihadis freed by Obama from Gitmo as part of his mission is Saad Masir Mukbl al Azani.

There are obvious reasons for freeing Saad

1. He was identified as a high level Al Qaeda member by other captured terrorists.

2. He issued fatwas while allegedly sitting on the fatwa committee with Osama bin Laden’s religious advisor. That may sound non-violent to the religion of peace types, but it meant he was providing the rationale for terrorist attacks.

3. He helped indoctrinate Al Qaeda terrorists by teaching them the Koran.

I’m sure that being loose he will in no way go back to his old job. While Obama’s mouth makes noises about ‘countering violent extremism’, he keeps sending experienced leaders right back to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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