BBC claims about 2014 Gaza power plant incident shown to be false

BBC Watch

h/t EoZ

On page 169 of the recently released MFA report on Operation Protective Edge we find the following:

“Even when munitions directed at military targets unintentionally hit civilian objects, the collateral damage caused does not by itself render the attack unlawful. Such was the case with the IDF tank shells that on July 29 unfortunately missed their intended target and hit fuel tanks serving Gaza’s power plant (but not the power plant itself). In this incident, IDF tank forces had legitimately directed an attack against several individuals who were believed to be carrying anti-tank rockets intended for immediate use.” [emphasis added]Power plant Morris and Patience 2

As readers may recall, BBC audiences received extensive coverage of that incident –and whilst the all-important context of the legitimate military target was not available at the time, BBC reporters did not hesitate to convey their own speculations on its background, as shown in the couple of…

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