Editorial: The kindness of strangers

Montreal Gazette

Montrealers’ faith in the humanity of their fellow citizens should be much restored after a pair of heartening events.

Three métro passengers risked their necks to save an unconscious woman on the tracks at Jarry Station. The Good Samaritans lifted her to safety in a deed captured on video.

Also, a coroner who released a report a month ago that condemned the Société de transport de Montréal and transit riders for their apparent lack of concern for a man lying motionless on the Radisson métro platform after his head had been struck by a passing train, revised his damning conclusion. “The indifference of the passengers says a lot about the apathy of citizens,” Jacques Ramsey noted in this first report.

It turns out “new information” — a video belatedly provided by the STM — showed transit staff bystanders did quickly try to help the homeless man who later died of his injuries. 

Many questions can be raised…

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