Meals on Wheels volunteers provide a crucial service — and more of them are needed

Montreal Gazette

One million meals each year are prepared and delivered by Meals on Wheels volunteers to more than 30,000 people whose autonomy is diminished: Most are elderly. Meals on Wheels Week in Quebec, which runs to March 21, highlights the work done by these volunteers, without whom the program would not exist.

Meals on Wheels is a volunteer-driven organization and meals are provided at relatively low cost. As the population ages, demands for Meals on Wheels service increases and, along with it, the need for volunteers. Claudette Coulombe, director of the Regroupement des popotes roulantes, which brings together meals-on-wheels organizations, has urged Quebecers to contact the Meals on Wheels group in their neighbourhood about volunteering: A commitment of no more than a few hours a month is needed.

Élyse Marquis, an actor, television and radio host, and Regroupment spokesperson for this year’s Meals on Wheels Week, said that volunteers “make a big difference…

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