Terry Glavin: When it comes to a nuclear-armed Iran, who do you trust?

National Post

WASHINGTON — They pulled out all the stops, pushed every heartwarming button, filled the Washington Convention Center with soaring, uplifting intermission music and harnessed all the king’s horses to the cause of showcasing the enduring bonds of affection between the United States and Israel.

But what the 16,000 delegates assembled for three days here in the largest gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s 62-year history could not do was sustain the bipartisan pep-rally spirit that AIPAC’s conference organizers and the White House had wanted.

The easy explanation is that it was because Benjamin Netanyahu ruined everything.

It’s all Bibi’s fault. With not even three weeks to go before facing Israeli voters in a tight election race against his main challenger, the centre-left Isaac Herzog, the pugnacious Israeli prime minister was unpardonably discourteous to U.S. President Barack Obama in taking up an invitation from Republican leaders to address Congress. Bibi should…

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