Coat of Arms of Death now on display as part of Nazi-looted trove recovered from Hitler’s Führer Museum

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George Romney George Romney

As the granddaughter of the Baron and Baroness Alphonse and Clarice de Rothschild of the banking and collecting dynasty, Bettina Burr recalls being mesmerized by one of the couple’s storied paintings.

The work, by the English portraitist George Romney, showed his muse, identified as a coquettish young Emma Hart – who was better known as Lady Hamilton, the mistress of Lord Nelson – dressed in frills and wearing a jaunty hat.

“I remember stopping and just staring,” Burr said. “She has so much allure, you couldn’t help but ogle her.”

The painting, confiscated by the Nazis in 1938 along with some 3,500 other treasures from the family’s palaces, was discovered in Austria’s salt mines by Allied forces after the war.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Returned to the Rothschild family in 1947, it is among 186 pieces of jewelry, jeweled boxes, furniture, prints, drawings, miniatures, paintings and rare…

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