US negotiator blames Palestinians for missing peace chances

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You’ve read here how the Palestinians rejected or ignored Israeli peace offers in 2000 and 2008. That last one was the one the AP banned me from writing about. Now retired US diplomat Dennis Ross is making the same case in this groundbreaking article in the New York Times. It’s the first time a diplomat that close to the “peace process” has admitted that the failures are not Israel’s fault. He adds to the wall of shame the Palestinian “pocket veto” of the latest US proposal, just last year.

Dennis Ross Dennis Ross

Dennis Ross spent much of his State Department career trying to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I talked to him often in those days. Once we were about to board the same plane to the US from Israel, and I saw him at  the airport. As I came up to him, he audibly groaned. It had been a…

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