Strangers credited for rescuing B.C. boy after he was hit by man, abandoned at bus stop

National Post | News

METRO VANCOUVER — Police are crediting kind Surrey strangers for rescuing and attempting to identify a three-year-old boy who was struck in the face and then abandoned at a bus stop.

RCMP said several people called 911 around 11 a.m. on Saturday to report they had seen a man hit a boy in the face at a bus stop near 152nd Street and 64th Avenue.

The man, who appeared to be the boy’s caregiver, then boarded a bus and left the child on the street, police said.

“The boy was cared for by witnesses,” police said in a release.

“The boy was not readily identified and as such witnesses used social media sites, distributing his photograph in an attempt to identify the boy.”

It made me sick to my stomach, like he discarded him like he was a piece of garbage

Police were able to identify the boy and reunite…

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