Letters: Where is the Quebec wealth to which Pierre Karl Péladeau keeps referring?

Montreal Gazette

Re: “Péladeau makes a case for sovereignty” (Montreal Gazette, Nov. 29) and “Péladeau raises the stakes” (Don Macpherson, Nov. 29) 

When the provincial election was held this April, Quebecers voted in the Quebec Liberal Party, expecting that it would create a more stable provincial environment by removing the sovereignty option. So what has occurred over the last eight months and what does the future hold?

Pierre Karl Péladeau, Parti Québécois leader aspirant, has constantly been in the news, will continue to be in the news until the May 2015 PQ leadership vote, and then plans to spend the next three years explaining and promoting Quebec independence.

So much for hoping to create a stable provincial environment.

Robert MarcoglieseMontreal

Presumably, as an avowed sovereignist, Pierre Karl Péladeau was using the royal we when he said “sovereignty will make us richer.”

It is unusual, but most laudable, for a politician…

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