Holocaust survivor moved by ‘fear of forgetting’

Montreal Gazette

Arthur Ney was just 12 years old in the spring of 1943 when he found himself, by chance, outside the walls of the Warsaw ghetto as it burned. In the years that followed, the resourceful Ney would evade the Nazis through a combination of deception, luck and the generosity of strangers who could not bear to see another Jewish child exterminated. Ney returned to Warsaw in 1944 – having just turned 13 – to fight for the city’s liberation. As the Azrieli Foundation prepares to release his 180-page memoir, the Montreal Gazette spoke to Ney about the war, his family and the price of survival.

In your book, you say that ‘fear of forgetting’ was what initially prompted you to write this memoir. How did you get started?

After the war, in 1945, I was leading a double-life. I was pretending I was Polish, an orphan, a Christian. And at one point – I remember exactly the day…

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