‘Racist’ comment excised from liquor-store video

Montreal Gazette

A union-funded publicity campaign extolling the virtues of the liquor-store monopoly of the Société des Alcools (SAQ) got some attention it could have done without Wednesday.

In a 14-minute “documentary” on the website of labour-group CSN comparing Quebec’s wine and liquor network (favourably) with the privatized Alberta system, Edmonton resident Yao Datté was quoted as saying the people advising customers on their wine purchases in that province are “Pakistanis or Indians, who don’t know wine, who don’t even drink wine.”

After the National Post described the clip as a “mind-boggling use of racism,” the union group CSN issued a statement saying it would edit it out of the piece, though it remained intact on the website for hours after the controversy erupted.

CSN communications director Louis-Serge Houle called it “unfortunate” and unintentional.

“We did not foresee a reaction like this,” he said. “We apologize.”

He said the controversy “should not…

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