Montreal fires six firefighters and suspends dozens of others for trashing city hall

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The city of Montreal has fired six firefighters and suspended dozens of others for periods ranging from one week to six months in connection with an anti-pension reform demonstration at Montreal city hall in August.

Dario Ayala / Postmedia News Dario Ayala / Postmedia News

Executive-committee chairman Pierre Desrochers made the announcement at city hall Thursday morning.

A total of 63 employees face punishment, including firefighters and blue and white-collar workers, Desrochers said. Other employees are still under investigation, he said.

There are reports that Ronald Martin, the president of the firefighters union, is among those losing their jobs.

In the days after dozens of municipal employees stormed city hall during a council meeting, 41 firefighters were charged with participating in an illegal assembly, mischief and assault. Thirty firefighters were suspended without pay.

Firing firefighters involved in the raucous trashing of Montreal city hall shows Quebec’s laws must be respected and authorities will not be…

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