Jonathan Kay: Israeli star Andy Ram’s surreal retirement from the tennis circuit says a lot about his country

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I will never face a Sidney Crosby slap shot or take a cut at a Clayton Kershaw 4-seam fastball. I’ll never get a chance to step back into the pocket and face an NFL pass rush, or play pick-and-roll against an NBA defence. In most sports, the relationship between player and fan never goes further than an autograph or a smartphone picture. But tennis is different: If you don’t mind raising money for charity (or donating it yourself), tennis fans can get on court with some of the game’s biggest names at “pro-am” events — weekend doubles events where amateurs and pros team up in a round-robin tournament format. Typically, the pros will ratchet down their game a level or three to make sure everyone has fun (even the most star-struck tennis fan doesn’t want to get drilled in the face with a 200 kp/h serve). Nevertheless, you walk off…

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