I Love You Menachem Mendel ben Eta Leah Cotlar


the-rebbeMendel my Beautiful Mendel the little boy I have known since you were born. I have loved you and your two brothers and sister as much as I love the Goldstein kids my nieces and nephews. I came over everyday to play with you I remember when you got Winston the Parrot and how Happy you were. I love your devar torah for a kid that is only 13 you sound like a grown up adult. You have a heart of gold you always love giving my hugs. Mendel I am so numb but I have to write this I have to tell your story I have to let everyone know what a beautiful neshoma you really are how caring loving chassidish and how much you truly love Hashem and the Rebbe. You are an Inspiration to us all your an inspiration to me and to all Mendel I am…

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