Sunday morning videos: Israel advocacy

Anne's Opinions

Here are three great videos about Israel advocacy which you should watch:

I wrote about Matti Friedman’s searing essay slamming the international media for their anti-Israel bias and one-eyed view of the Middle East conflict. It was a long essay, excellently written and very well-worth the read.  But if you didn’t have the time to read it through you can now watch (via Israellycool) a 5 minute clip of Friedman explaining his thesis on CNN, a prime culprit:

Another indefatigable defender of Israel is Melanie Phillips who spoke last week at an Honest Reporting conference in Jerusalem. Here she is in a (1 hour long!) video on how Western Jewry is paying the price for Gaza:

And in case all of that was not enough, here is American commentator Bill Whittle (whom I got to hear about via the Conservative Kitchen Table blog) making the case for Israel…

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