Today’s letters: Roger Waters — the face of modern-day anti-Semitism

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Re: Dark Side of Roger Waters, Avi Benlolo, Aug. 27.
I agree with Avi Benlolo that the use of the Star of David at Roger Waters’ concerts is offensive, but I feel his critique doesn’t go far enough and omits a couple of pieces of essential information.

Sticking a Star of David on an inflatable pig is offensive enough, but Mr. Benlolo didn’t mention that at a 2013 concert in Belgium, Mr. Waters juxtaposed the Jewish symbol alongside symbols of communism, fascism and corporate greed, and that at a 2010 concert, images of falling bombs shaped as Stars of David were projected onto the stage.

Most modern day anti-Semites hide behind the cloak of anti-Zionism. But what could be more explicitly anti-Semitic? The media and arts community have a double standard regarding expressions of anti-Semitism vs other form of bigotry. Mr. Waters will soon be given the red carpet…

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